23 April 2010

Sneak Peak!

The lovely and talented MooBeeGran has joined the team at MooBeeTees and is crocheting up a storm for the cooler months ahead (even if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, there WILL be cool months ahead!).  Here's a sneak peak of some of the groovy cloche/beanie/turban/juliet cap hats she has been working on:

My thanks to the lovely Glennys for sharing her Turban pattern with MooBeeGran and to the lovely MooBee who consented to having her photo taken yet again, whilst not appropriately dressed for the occasion!

Keep your eyes on my shop for lots more fabulous headwear (boys and girls) and don't forget you can visit MooBeeTees on the 8th May at the Modish Creators Market in Malvern :)

16 April 2010

Friday Favourites - Diamonds are Forever!

I thought that I would kick off my first Friday Favourites post with top end pretties - items that contain DIAMONDS!  Indeed, I may just work my way through all of the precious stones - I shall, however, start with my favourite.

Please join in and share your own diamond favourites (maybe even give your own item a bit of a plug!!).

Dream on...



13 April 2010

Something to Make you Smile :)

Whilst trawling through YouTube this morning looking for something to make me smile, I came across this video of the T-Mobile Advert - Life's for Sharing.  

I figured it made me smile, so it will probably make you smile too.

Enjoy :)

07 April 2010

MooBeeView #8: Voodoo Rabbit - plus Amazing Giveaway!

This months MooBeeView is with the fabulous and original Cloud and Ky from Voodoo RabbitVoodoo Rabbit are suppliers of an amazing range of eclectic crafting supplies and are the creative force behind their own fabric designs and craft items

Voodoo Rabbit has just launched a new web store and we are proud to be able to give you a chance to enter a Giveaway that will introduce you to their fabulous world.  So grab a drink, settle back and relax, and enjoy the world of Voodoo Rabbit. 

1) After doing my research (and putting on my amateur profiler hat) I'm starting you both off with a difficult task (I think you can take it!) - Word Association.  Please let us know the first things that come to mind when I mention the following (keep in mind any kiddies in our audience!):
  • Roller Derby – rink rash 
  • Rilakkuma -  Kiddyland (a huge toy shop in Harajuku, Tokyo) 
  • Twilight – when the sun starts to set (nice to see there are some normal people left in the world!)
  • Punk - tartan.

2) You obviously both have a love for Japanese fabrics.  What is it about theses fabrics that attracts you both to them?  How do they inspire you in your own creative pursuits?

You can't help but love fabric from Japan. Cloud didn't own a sewing machine, didn't know how to sew and bought nearly $200 worth of cotton fabrics the first time she went to Japan because it was too beautiful to resist. If you haven't seen or used Japanese cotton before, you really should. It is a dream to sew with and is unmatched by anything you can find in places like Spotlight.

Japanese cottons are great quality. The range of colours and patterns is really diverse. The Japanese people still make quite a lot things themselves at home. Just one fabric store had over five levels – full to the rafters – with fabric. It was heaven.

There is a huge cos-play, gothic & Lolita subculture in Tokyo which means that we can find all the designs that we love. There are lots of skull patterns, black, white, tartan, reds – the range is amazing.

Kawaii (literal translation from Japanese is 'cute') is near to impossible to find in Australia. Japan is the only place I know where you can buy a fabric that features little pigs, in a bakery. Fabrics in Japan even have cute selvedges!

Kokka fabrics from Japan – especially the designs by Etsuko Furuya for the Echino range are absolutely stunning. Her Cobweb design would have to be one of our all time favourites. The quality of the cotton is superb – you cannot fault it.
3) Given your eclectic tastes, where do you see your designs going next?  Will we see some more 'crazy toys' being created by Cloud and what is getting Ky's creative fabric juices flowing - what is 2010 going to bring to the Voodoo Rabbit fan?

Ky is currently finalising a tattoo inspired design featuring flaming cherries. The design itself is finalised, the colours just need to be tweaked. Cloud has been doodling skulls – not sure what Ky will do with them – they are ready to be scanned in for possible use in another fabric design.

Cloud is planning to finish her 'Stumpy' project. The results will be... interesting. Whatever the outcome, there will be a Voodoo Rabbit doll available on Etsy before the year is out. There may also be a Zombie Hare plushie pattern fabric in the works.

4) Time now for the last tricky fab four question - Project Runway has asked you to create a Voodoo Rabbit challenge for their designers using only items from your new shop.  What would that challenge be?  Please explain.

Surely the ultimate challenge would have to be a wedding dress made using only the fabrics, buttons and motifs available in our store. We'd only let the designers purchase  zippers, eyelets, ribbon and boning from anywhere else. We'd set the budget for the fabric at $750.

Alternative weddings are actually quite popular. Not everyone dreams of a traditional white wedding! We'd love to see a steampunk, Lolita, goth or rockabilly-tattoo wedding dress to knock your socks off.

I'd like to thank Voodoo Rabbit's Ky and Cloud for taking the time to answer my questions and letting us in to their fabulous world.  If you want to learn more about Voodoo Rabbit and what makes it tick, please visit one of the online sites:
Webshop: http://www.voodoorabbit.com.au
Etsy: http://voodoorabbit.etsy.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/voodoorabbit
Blog: http://voodoo-rabbit.blogspot.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/voodoorabbitfabric

MooBeeTee's Four Word Review:  Outrageously Amazing Stash Suppliers!


This Giveaway is Now Closed :)

And now for the Giveaway!  Voodoo Rabbit has offered my blog readers a chance to win a shop voucher to the value of AUD$20 to be used in their new Web Store - a fabulous opportunity to try some Japanese fabric for yourself!

How?  It's easy!  Follow these steps:

1: Visit www.voodoorabbit.com and tell us which is your favourite fabric (and colour) and what you would like to make from it - leave a comment here.

Bonus entries (Let me know in a seperate comment for each bonus)

2: Tweet about your favourite fabric with the words, "I heart this fabric @voodoorabbit {link}" - make sure you include the link!

3: Become a follower of Voodoo Rabbit's Blog

4: Become a follower of MooBeeTees Blog

You can enter as many times as you like - the more entries you leave, the better your chances of winning.  Remember - leave a seperate comment for each entry and include your email address as the winner will be generated randomly.

The giveaway will finish on the 30 April 2010 at 12:00pm (AEST). The winner will be contacted and given 48 hours to accept.
 Good Luck!!

02 April 2010

Happy and Peaceful Easter

MooBeeTees wishes all of you a Happy and Peaceful Easter. 

Take time to spend smiley moments with your family, try to eat as much chocolate as is politely possible (scoff the rest in private) and share lots of cuddles with the kiddies.

MooBeeTees is going to take a little family time and we look forward to seeing you all next week.