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Inspiration is something that drives us all in the art and craft world, but it's not always the obvious things that prove to be the most helpful.  Sometimes the smallest sound, the strangest sight, the most obscure thought can send you off into a creative avalanche.  Sometimes it is the most obvious of things, like a small child smiling.  

I thought I'd use this page to record what inspires me, and just maybe some of these things might inspre you too.  I'm going to add to it when inspiration hits, so pop back and visit every now and again as you never know what you might find :0)


How could they not?  Even with squinty eyes and wind blown appearance!

This much love hasn't been been seen since!

Can't remember where this is, but I love the different blues in the photo.

I love how proud Balinese children are of their school uniforms.

Happy, golden kangaroo paws from my garden :0)

 Items this beautiful are always inspirational to me.  Thanks to That Pincushion Place for making it available for me to buy!!

 Happy Bells Beach feet!!

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  1. anyone have any denim fact sheets? or web addresses to get them, sorry... good inspiration there xxxx


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