05 November 2011

Hoop Art - New to MooBeeTees!

We are very excited to bring Hoop Art to our customers!

After getting a little bit frustrated that the lovely applique work I was creating for tee shirts was being grown out of and then thrown away, I have decided to put my pictures on the wall instead!

This means that hopefully it might last a little bit longer and in some cases be passed on to siblings or kept as a special momento. MooBeeGran will be working with me on these whimsical pieces of art. At the moment she is creating some fabulous insects for me to turn into 'speciman' hoops - I can't wait to show you!

Here are our first two OOAK hoops - these are available for sale in either our Madeit or Etsy shops (whichever you prefer):

4" Owl in a Tree

 4" Whimsical Trees

01 November 2011

When in doubt, go back to the beginning...

And back to the beginning I went!

I have always had a love of buttons and it was always my intention to use buttons in some way, shape or form in everything I made. Somewhere along the line I seemed to fall off that path and headed into a craft wilderness where there was nary a button to be seen.

Fortunately for me there have always been button suppliers out there who have tried to lure me back to the straight and narrow (you know who you are). Whether it be on Etsy or MadeIt or whilst attending the odd Craft Fair or two, the siren call of the button has called me back.

And now I'm back for good.

I am looking at my button muse with new eyes and, fortunately for me, MooBeeGran is joining me on this buttony journey.  Between the two of us we plan to bring buttons back into the home in ways that may not always seem obvious, but bring them back we shall!

The first of our buttony goodness is of course in the shape of the humble bookmark:

Next are our new personalised initials:

After that...well I know what I'm doing and it involves hoops, but the rest of you will have to wait just a little bit longer!

Buttons watch out!  I have a hot glue gun and I'm not afraid to use it!!

02 October 2011


We're having a 20% OFF EVERYTHING SALE in our Madeit shop at the moment.  It will be on for a short time only, so don't miss out on some of our crazy handemade bargains!  

Need something for Christmas - pick it up now!  

Present for a new born - check out our hand knitted teddies!!

All prices are already reduced, so just pop them in your cart and check them out :0)

We need lots of space for new items chock full of handmade goodness!!

Have fun!!!

24 September 2011

Exciting Market News!!

The Handmade Show is moving!  How exciting!!

Here's a copy of what is currently apopearing on the market's blog:

But still warm, cosy & inviting! 
We are moving to a brighter home that is bigger, but still as lovely as ever. Same atmosphere, same great feeling, New Location! 
The Handmade Show now includes more artisans & crafters for you to enjoy - A delight for any lover of handmade. 

Did you know it’s also THS’s First Birthday? 
There’s lots to celebrate so come along and join us at… 

St. Anthony’s Parish Hall 
Cnr Grange & Neerim Rds Carnegie 3163 
Sat 15th October 
Sat 19th November 
Sat 10th December 
10.30 am – 3.30pm
I know MooBeeTees will be there with bells on :0)

MooBeeTees Destash - Our new Craftumi Store

It's been a little while between posts, but a lot has been going on in the world of MooBeeTees!  One of the developments is that we have opened a Craftumi store to help us destash - our craft spaces need a little bit of clearing out.  Here's a taste of what is currently starring in store:

So if you are wanting to add to your own supplies or are looking to try something new, you might be able to grab yourself a bargain at MooBeeTees Destash :0)

05 August 2011

Bluebirds of Happiness...

You may have noticed that I have a bit of a fondness for Bluebirds (You hadn't?  Check out my logo!).  So I decided to devote this weeks 'must haves' to some crafters who share my love of the blue winged bird and have created little crafty tributes to them.  I hope you like them as much as I do :0)

15 July 2011

Father's Day is Coming...

I know it's still a little way off, but how cool is this gift box!  I think it would be great for the kids to make (with a bit of adult help) and Dad can continue to use it after Father's Day has gone by!

You have to love a simple, eco, kid friendly, use again gift box!

13 July 2011

Lovely Little Buttons...

As a child there was nothing I liked more than watching my mum sew...or knit... or teak the bookshelves...or garden...or teak the cupboard...or crochet...or teak something that wasn't able to run away... (you get the 1970's vibe going here!).

Well, there was actually one thing I liked more and that was playing with all of the buttons she seemed to have around the place.  Between my mum and my nan we seemed to have a button emporium right in our living room.

There were so many things to do with them:
  • You could count them (always good for the kiddies learning to count)
  • They could be grouped - colour, shape, flatback or shank, four holes or two
  • I remember using them as plates for my dolls
  • They could be flipped - heads or tails
  • You could sew them on things!  Who would have thought!!
There were so many things to do with them, but I mainly just loved them because I new every old button had a story and every new button had a story in the waiting.  Now I have my own collection of buttons and I still sort them into groups (that could have just been an indication of early OCD) depending on how I feel - at the moment it's size for the wooden buttons and colour for the plastic. I still think about the story that each one is going to have when I afix it to something. 

Buttons, you have to love them :0)

12 July 2011

Pedal Power...

Like most of the world (well, I'm sure most of the world is watching), I am absolutely glued to the TV watching Le Tour de France.  Whilst it means I do look a little bleary eyed in the morning (on average 10pm - 1am), I'm loving cycling around France from my lounge, looking at the country side.  It's like a dynamic postcard that keeps surprising me everytime we turn a corner.

So keeping in tune with le tour, today's crafting wonders are inspired by all things franco-cycle!

04 June 2011

Attack of the Crochet Robots!

Trawling through YouTube yet again, I came across this neat little clip that was put together for a University project.  Crochet from a different angle - I hope you enjoy :0)

31 May 2011

And The Winner Is...


Kaylie is the happy winner of our Giveaway. She will receive a $25 gift voucher to spend at MooBeeTees in the next six months - YAY!!

Thank you all for your considered feedback on what we should keep making and what we should stop bothering with.  Here are the results:

Funnily enough there were a few items that voided each other, although I think we all agree with the Poncho's.  As lovely and cuddly as they are, they're not moving and we get the hint :0)

I think our amigurumi crocheted/knitted toys are a stayer, along with our hats (keep in mind northern hemispherians, it's winter down south!!).  We are also thinking of introducing some fun accessories - great for gifts, stocking stuffers, party presents and teachers (you can probably also throw in granny :0)

We will probably be making less in the clothing line, as there are so many fabulous clothing crafters out there, but, having said that, if the moment takes me who knows what I will create.  We're also thinking of popping some little 'kits' together - something for the kiddies to make themselves.  I'll think a bit more about this one and let you know when it happens.

So once again, thanks for all of your feedback and keep an eye on what we do next, as you never know what you might find ;0)

30 May 2011

Beautiful Places to Shop for Handmade (in Melbourne)

I have been stumbling over a lot of very lovely places to shop lately - both online, and brick and morter.  The thing I like most about them is that they provide a way to bring handmade to the general public. They also help to promote those who have moved on from 'handmade' to what I like to call 'grown up handmade' - items that still retain the original handmade integrity intended, but can now afford their makers an income that allows them to work at it full time.

When we grow up, that's what we want to have happen to us!!

Take a little look at some of these fabulous Melbourne based (other States to follow) shopping experiences and enjoy :0)


What other handmade markets or specialy shops would you like to add to the list?

Here are some that have been mentioned by our readers:

22 May 2011

It's GIVEAWAY Time...

This Giveaway is now Closed :0)

Did I mention that we're having a giveaway??

Thank you to everyone who took part in the poll that was held on our Facebook page.  Although the Octopus was a one vote winner, we have decided to go with response number two which was a gift voucher (but if you want an octopus we'll make one available!!)

It's easy and open to all MooBeeTees followers world-wide.

All you need to do is this:

1. Visit MooBeeTees and tell us what you want to see us make more of,


2. What you want us to stop making :0)

That's it - two entries into the giveaway right there.

If you would like more entries you can also do the following:

3. Follow our Blog (although that might encourage us to write more!)
4. Follow us on Twitter (moobeetees - it's not tricky!)
5. Retweet/Tweet about our giveaway on twitter (it's only one extra entry, but it will mean great karma points for helping us out!)


There's another three entries!

Make sure you post each of your entries seperately in the comments below and don't to forget to include your email address at least once.

The winner will be selected randomly using www.random.org.

The giveaway will finish at 5:00pm, 30 May 2011 AEST.

Good Luck!

12 May 2011

Wool from a Cow - too Funny!!

A little bit of levity for a Thursday evening!  

Did you know that wool comes from a cow???


07 May 2011

64 Crayons - How I Lost My Colour Mojo...

  I love colour and spend a lot of the time trying to either match colours or create a complete contrast.  I also used to think I was quite good at identifying different colours - well I did, up until about five minutes ago!  

I never used to hesitate in distinguishing my magenta's from my cerise, or my ocean foam's from my sea blue.

In fact I still can't quite understand why when you walk through the centre of Melbourne everybody wears black (including myself).  I don't believe for a second it's a reflection on our weather, or that we all think we need to look thinner - but it does strike you as rather odd.  I like to think it's so that when you walk through our outrageously beautiful gardens we just give good background for all the colourful plants :0)

Anyway, back to my recent colour failure.  I attempted to correctly name 64 Crayolla Crayons.  I thought, how hard can it be?  It's even mutiple choice.  I'll romp it in.

15 minutes later, I sit here like a blank canvas, devoid of the colour I hold so dear.  I made 45 errors in naming the 64 crayons.

45.  Horrifying.

To help me get my colour back, I now need you to undertake the same 'test' I took.  I want to know if it's just me, or that naming the colour of crayons does actually need you to take a Masters in Interior Design.

Click here to take Colour Test.  
Good Luck and let me know how you go!!

24 April 2011

Easter Lovlies - Top 5 Easter Picks

I find that the major holidays are an opportunity to really let crafty people play their 'A' game.  

If you have a look through MadeIt or Etsy, you are surrounded by themed holiday items; some traditional, others way out there!  However all of them are great fun!!  

Thanks to the talented crafters on MadeIt, here are my Top 5 Easter Picks for this year :0)

19 April 2011

A Little Bit of Cuteness to Brighten Your Day!

Nothing makes me smile more than a little bit of 'cute'.  So here are some quick cuties to give your day a bit of fun and happinesss :0)


17 April 2011

Why it's Important to Support Handmade

How did you spend your Saturday?

I spent mine in the Oakleigh RSL, at a wonderful indoor boutique art and craft market called The Handmade Show.  Of all the markets in the world this one means the most to me.

Why,  I hear you ask?

It means a lot because it is coordinated by stallholders for stallholders - in particular Creations by Bobbie Mac (Bobbie), EP Designs (Elena), Vintage Sew & So (Kerri), Red Letter Studio (Samone) and moi.  Our aim is to create a small, sustainable market that stallholders enjoy being a part of and that brings the collective talents of the art/craft world to the suburban public.  

It is a great market to dip your toe in the craft market waters - give it a go, as they say - and have an opportunity to talk to other stallholders and increase your confidence.  It's also a lovely market for more experienced stallholders to share their talents.  We try to keep our stall fees very low to make it as worthwhile as possible for everyone involved.  We also want our stallholders to make sales and increase their exposure - of course ;0)

But we can't do it without your help.  Whether you be a stallholder or a shopper WE NEED YOU!  

In order to keep the interest up, we need you to help support our show and ultimately support the handmade community.  That means visiting us on market days, letting friends know that we are on, maybe even buying an item or two.  It is hard work bringing handmade to the community and many markets find it hard to sustain the momentum needed to do it - we are all mums, workers, crafters, artists, domestic goddesses, girlfriends, etc - so we do what we do because we love it.

But, we do need your help.  The next time you see an ad for a craft market, take a couple of hours out of your day and go and visit it.  Whether it be at a school, a church hall or a large town hall, someone has put the effort in to share this with you, so support Handmade and  help us all.

For more information on The Handmade Show click here.

14 April 2011

Some Time Away - Bells Beach

The kids and I took a couple of days away at the start of the week and we headed down to The Van.  Fortunately we had a lovely day Monday (before the rain) and managed to get some time in down at the famous Bells Beach.  Preparations are well underway for the annual easter surf competition held at Bells, but we were lucky enough to still be able to get down on to the beach to watch some of the locals, and the not so locals, surfing.

Whilst there the kids spent some time chasing waves at the edge of the water - it was lovely to be away from anything that plugged into the television and just watch the kids running around like geese enjoying themselves.  

Here's my little photo essay on our adventure :0)

Picturesque Bells Beach

Happy feet on the soothing sands :0)

Ah, happy children walking together...

...imagination running away ...

...I'm sure he is trying to save his sister...

...all's well that ends well :0)

The only problem with a lovely walk along Bells Beach?  Getting back to the car!!

Lots of fun was had by all!  What are you all doing on the school holidays?