07 May 2011

64 Crayons - How I Lost My Colour Mojo...

  I love colour and spend a lot of the time trying to either match colours or create a complete contrast.  I also used to think I was quite good at identifying different colours - well I did, up until about five minutes ago!  

I never used to hesitate in distinguishing my magenta's from my cerise, or my ocean foam's from my sea blue.

In fact I still can't quite understand why when you walk through the centre of Melbourne everybody wears black (including myself).  I don't believe for a second it's a reflection on our weather, or that we all think we need to look thinner - but it does strike you as rather odd.  I like to think it's so that when you walk through our outrageously beautiful gardens we just give good background for all the colourful plants :0)

Anyway, back to my recent colour failure.  I attempted to correctly name 64 Crayolla Crayons.  I thought, how hard can it be?  It's even mutiple choice.  I'll romp it in.

15 minutes later, I sit here like a blank canvas, devoid of the colour I hold so dear.  I made 45 errors in naming the 64 crayons.

45.  Horrifying.

To help me get my colour back, I now need you to undertake the same 'test' I took.  I want to know if it's just me, or that naming the colour of crayons does actually need you to take a Masters in Interior Design.

Click here to take Colour Test.  
Good Luck and let me know how you go!!


  1. Wow. I got 46 oops. Its obviously been a while since I've played with crayons. Gotta love some of the new names though.

  2. 46 hey :0) I feel a flutter of colour coming back - perhaps a pastel or two...

  3. I'm not gonna do the test. I can barely come up with names when i look at anything, like blue. It's more like light blue/dark blue for me.;) Seriously.

    If you ever get your mojo back, let me know, then you can name all the colours of my dresses correctly.

  4. At the moment I'm thinking Light and Dark should be the only discriminating shades of colour :0)

    I'm giving up on anything more complex after trying to work out what colour 'Kamikaze sunset' was!


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