30 May 2011

Beautiful Places to Shop for Handmade (in Melbourne)

I have been stumbling over a lot of very lovely places to shop lately - both online, and brick and morter.  The thing I like most about them is that they provide a way to bring handmade to the general public. They also help to promote those who have moved on from 'handmade' to what I like to call 'grown up handmade' - items that still retain the original handmade integrity intended, but can now afford their makers an income that allows them to work at it full time.

When we grow up, that's what we want to have happen to us!!

Take a little look at some of these fabulous Melbourne based (other States to follow) shopping experiences and enjoy :0)


What other handmade markets or specialy shops would you like to add to the list?

Here are some that have been mentioned by our readers:


  1. DoReMe - Elsternwick {www.dorememelbourne.com}
    Skism - Ormond

  2. Thanks Suz - I shall add it to the above list :0)

  3. Cool places, what's your favourite? The Handmade Show?;)

  4. *blush* Well I do have an interest in that one! I think they are all worthy of my interest :0)

  5. I've added in.cube8r - might make this a permanent page on my blog :0)


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