23 October 2009

SALE WEEKEND - 10% off entire order...

Sale Weekend starts today, so if you have been looking at something in MooBeeTees now is the time to buy it!

10% off your entire order, including postage!

Pop in and see if you can find a Christmas present or two, perhaps even a banner for your own Market Stall - don't forget return customers get an additional 10% off using your voucher code.

I look forward to you popping in!

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17 October 2009

What I've been up to today...

It turned out to be a beautiful day today after what was a lacklustre start.  The Hamster was sent off on a Scout Camp, MooBee went off to play at a friends and the Crig was just off (somewhere).

That left me and the Janome all alone.


As a result the old creative juices started to flow and I managed to finish some orders and hand some others over.  It's always one of my favourite parts of creating anything - giving it to someone else and making them happy!

Anyway, I was trying to make a couple of simple things to add to my market stockpile, so I decided upon two items.  First was a Library/PJ /Dance bag - here's a (dodgy) picture of my success:

I love that bug fabric! The second was a pencil roll:

I also love Saffron Craig's fabrics - well worth checking out.  I was particularly pleased with myself because I didn't use any patterns, and whilst I know these items aren't rocket science I was quietly very happy that I did it myself!

They will both be available through MooBeeTees soon - just as soon as I can take some decent photos, but if you have any interest in the meantime just email me :)


13 October 2009

New Etsy Treasury Listing...Spotty and Dotty

I managed to snaffle a Treasury today, so come and take a look.  My theme is 'Spotty and Dotty'; - I felt it would be nice to add a bit of colour to the day as is is currently grey outside.  Click on the link under the treasure chest to see the Treasury...

10 October 2009

Button Craft - Fun for All...

The MooBee and I had a craft afternoon today.  This involved lots of glue, a stack of buttons and the choice of an appropriate outfit. 

Yes, whilst I can craft in jeans and a tee, the MooBee needs to create a signature look before she can create fullstop.  So here is a picture of the MooBee, sitting at the table in ruffle skirt, black leggings, boots and her hair accessory:

You will have to trust me on the ruffled skirt (did I mention it has tulle?).  Anyway once she was happy with the look we got down to decorating our wooden letters and shapes.  I wanted to create something for my niece who turned 16 today - what do you get a 16 year old these days?  I decided something handmade from the heart would go over the best and I really needed to use a few of my buttons.  I do have to thank Liz from hundredsofbuttons for dying 200 apple green buttons for me - thanks!

Using one of the pre cut letters or shapes you can buy at craft shops, I got the ball rolling by painting the sides and front of the 'B' green - just in case there were any spaces between the buttons.  Ten minutes and a short burst of the hairdryer later, I glued the backing fabric on that I had cut out earlier.  You don't have to do this of course, but I thought it added a nice touch.  I then screwed in a hook and we were ready to glue.

Here you can see MooBee's 'M' (and a flower she completed earlier) - so easy for the kids to do.  All they need is a bit of space, an old Royal Auto magazine to work on and some glue/buttons and they are off!  The nice thing is they can finish something fairly quickly so they don't lose focus half way through.

Here's my 'B' almost completed.  I think the hardest thing with this is knowing when to stop.  There is a strong feeling of 'just one more' - so make sure you stand back and take a good hard look when you get towards the end.  You don't want to risk all of that hard work because you couldn't say no!!

And then you are finished!  All ready to hang :-)  This is quick and easy and a great way for the kids to spend the afternoon. Hopefully it will find a nice little spot on my niece's wall. Enjoy!

09 October 2009

Melbourne Craft Expo - Great Day Out!

Well, I have just come back from a great morning/afternoon of mother/daughter bonding with my mum at the Craft Expo in Melbourne.  So much fun!!!!  So much to see and so much to drool over.  I'm telling you, when I grow up I want one of those fabulous embroidery machines - although mum wasn't convinced as she thought it was cheating a bit - LOL!!

I did end up buying a couple of necessary items - a tube turner, a bias binding doo hickey, more patterns and 10m of broderie angalis lace.  I'm a very happy camper!

If you are in Melbourne and have some time over the weekend it is well worth popping in and finding some lovely, and very necessary goodies!!  Here's the link http://www.craftfest.com.au/.

08 October 2009

MooBeeView #5 is coming soon...

My next MooBeeView will be up and happening very soon.  The lovely Sharon from the gorgeous Etsy jewelry store Shazzabeth, has agreed to by my next chat.  Keep an eye out for when this comes on line as I'm sure it's going to be a great read for all.

Thanks Sharon!

07 October 2009

I've moved!!!!!

OK,  I'm here.  I have moved over from the dark side and am now in sunny blogger heaven!!!

Here are a couple of things to note since the change:

1. Giveaway: Please take note of my giveaway - the first 50 followers will go into a draw to win a USD$25 voucher to spend in my shop, www.moobeetees.etsy.com.  I will take into account the 20 bodies who were following me on my old site, so if you join up here as well - hey, you could have two chances of winning!!

2. 20 Sales:  I am offering one of my world famous MooBeeView's to the owner of my 20th sale - what a great way to reach people.  We are now up to 12, so only 8 to go.  if you are not a shop owner I will ask you to nominate a shop for this very special interview - so noone misses out :-)

Lastly, here is today's favourite as tweeted:

Shining Sun, it sparkles - Brooch

Thanks to the lovely LittleWaltz for creating such a beautiful sunny piece to brighten up our day!



OK, since bribery seems to be the only way I can entice people to follow my blog(!), I'm going to offer a chance to win a USD$25 voucher to spend in my store to the first 50 people who follow me.
It's that simple - follow me and you have the chance to be a winner.  The voucher can be spent in my shop (www.moobeetees.etsy.com) on or towards any item/s. I will provide further details to the winner on how to redeem the voucher.
Please contact me if you have any questions on the giveaway, and remember - if you follow, I will write!

10 Sales - Woo Hoo!!

Now normally I don't go around blowing my own trumpet too much, but I feel that acheiving 10 sales on Etsy gives me the right to do this.  A little milestone if you like :-)
I am now looking forward to my next 10 - feel free to help me get there (especially since I now have my overlocker foot and I'm seaming up a storm!!)
So help me count up to 20 - and if you are a fellow seller I will MooBeeView your shop in my blog.  So lets set it all up:
11|12|13| 14|15 |16 |17 |18 |19| 20
For every sale, I will pop your name up here and give you the opportunity for a MooBeeView - how about it?  Not to mention you will take a beautiful handcrafted item from MooBeeTee's.
Keep having fun :-)

New Listing - All Seasons Dress...

I have another dress listed - YAY!!!  I'm creating a sewing maelstrom here at the moment - fabric, thread, the cat - all flying around the place!  I have used some yummy fabric for this dress - especially the Alexander Henry fabric for the trim - it just makes the perfect contrast.
My thanks to Frogs Legs and Pony Tails for this awsome pattern!  It truely is fabulous to follow and highly recommended to those who sew :-)
MooBee is loving this dress and can't wait for the warmer days to come so she can wear it.  It also got the 'thumbs' up from a MooBee friend, so I think all 1-10 year olds should be wearing one this season ;-)

Dress for All Seasons

 And a quick view from the back:


I'm really enjoying making these dresses and hope to add some more colour combinations to MooBeeTees very soon.  Don't forget I can create wholesale orders, so if you are looking to pop some in your children's boutique, don't hesitate tocontact me.

MooBeeView #4: PocketCarnival

Well, after a short break it is time for another fabulous MooBeeView.  This month I have asked Penny from PocketCarnival to take her turn at answering the Fabulous Four Questions.  Penny is a fantastic artist and crafter and I think everyone should own one of her coin purses (at the very least).  My thanks to Penny for stepping up to the plate:

1. MooBeeTees was first attracted by the whimsical nature of your artwork - I like to see your characters as children who are always dressing up, simple, uncomplicated, joyful - how did your characters evolve?

Friends - Original Framed Ink and Watercolour Illustration This is a tricky one to answer, as I'm still a little unsure! I have a couple of old sketchbooks that have lasted a few years (I draw very small!), and I can definitely see the progession of the characters. I started drawing cartoon-y little children, then giving them costumes to amuse myself. Then the bunny & kitten costumes sort of evolved into a whole series of little animals! I'm always happy when I can figure out how to make a recognisable animal that still looks cute, and is simple enough to draw on a coinpurse.

Some of my earlier sketches were mermaids & beetles (cuter than it sounds) and I still might come back to these. Definitely the little beetle hats amuse me greatly!

2. Many artists are happy to display their art in a more traditional way, such as hanging on a wall. Why did you decide to use more functional items as your 'canvas'?

Throwing Paper Planes Coinpurse - with Original Mixed Media IllustrationThis will sound silly, but I didn't think I was good enough to be an artist! I started out sewing little purses using felt and printed cottons and selling them on Etsy and to shops in Melbourne, all the while wishing I could be a real artist. Then I thought... what if I just drew something onto a purse? To me, that didn't seem as scary as drawing on paper. There was less chance of being laughed at, and there was something quite unique about it. It took a while to find the right pen, one that wouldn't bleed into the fabric and that was waterproof, and then I was off! I was EXTREMELY chuffed when somebody actually bought one of these purses. I really love calico as it's so natural, with little flecks of cotton through it, and to me just crying out to be decorated.

It was only several months later, and after some encouragement from other people on Etsy, that I decided to try drawing on paper. I did a couple of short courses which were invaluable for giving me confidence and skills. I'm happy to now have art prints and cards as well as the occassional original artwork, but when I am figuring out a new animal or style, I will do a quick sketch and then always draw it on calico first.

3. As well as being an accomplished artist, you are also a talented sewer. I'm interested to know what comes first - the artwork or the item to be decorated?

The Bunny and the Paper Plane - ClutchI always draw the little calico patches first. I'm a bit naughty and carry a pile of calico squares and some pens with me wherever I go... it's not great for my relaxation level, but whenever I'm on the train, or waiting in a cafe, or watching a dvd, I pull out my calico and do some animals. Lately I find that if I'm not sewing buttons, or drawing calico, or cutting fabric, I don't know what to do with myself. Sometimes I like to watch music videos and draw something related. I wish I was this prolific at drawing things for people to put on their walls!

Once I have a sizeable little stack of calico pictures, I'll pull out my fabric and find some to match. I stack them up with their lining, zip, and outer fabric... sometimes it's a bit tricky. For example the bear can ALWAYS go with polka dot fabric, and the elephant never. I've got a huge stack of vintage corduroy which is just perfect for these purses.

4. Finally, when are we going to see your artwork on fabric so that we can all use it (I always keep the hard hitting questions for last)?

Rabbit - Pink Eco-Tote BagOooh! I may be working on something related to this... It might take a little while, as I have so many ideas than hours to achieve them in! I love using the fabric of Melbourne designers such as Ink & Spindle (http://inkandspindle.com.au/) & Shannon Lamden (http://auntycookie.com/) fabric in my purses, and these designers are definitely inspiring to me.

I will say this - designing fabric is difficult!

I'd like to thank Penny for taking the time to answer my questions and letting us in to her whimsical world.  If you want to learn more about Penny and PocketCarnivalplease visit her at one of her online sites:
MooBeeView's 4 Word Review: Delightfully Whimsical Little Creatures :-)

Newbies, Newbies, Newbies...

The spring weather certainly inspired me to be creative yesterday, so with the sun streaming through the French doors, I got the sewing machine out and sewed (who would have thought!).  I managed to complete two new tees and a dress (whose original pattern is by the wonderful Whole Grain Baby).
Whilst being blinded by the sun on my sewing, my thoughts turned to sunglasses and this was the inspiration for my latest two tees.
This tee is for cool little surfer dude, who just wants to kick back and chill.

This tee is for your little princess who still holds dear to her heart a particular mermaid starting with 'A'!

Last, but certainly not least is the first of my dresses - inspired by my own lovely daughter MooBee.  I was fortunate to find a lovely pattern through Etsy and Whole Grain Baby - yay!
So take some time to wander through MooBeeTees - you might find a nice little something to put away for Christmas!

Thank You BareMoose...

A quick thank you to Janet at www.BareMoose.etsy.com - I received my lovely necklace today and it is great.  What a great giveaway to win!  Here's a picture of my treasure, that I'm wearing as I type - happy dance!!!

New Butterfly Tee Design Listed...

I have finally finished my new Butterfly Tee!  In between making dresses to sell and trying to cram hundred's of ideas in to the working day, I've finally squeezed another tee out!  I must stop coming up with too many other ideas - there are only so many hours in the day :-)
Here's a little picture:

Well, I did say it was a little picture (I'm just amusing myself now!).  Here are some bigger pictures for people like me with appalling eyesight from too many hours at the Janome:
The fabric has been heat transferred, then stitched onto the tee.  I have handstitched the arround the edge of the butterfly (bless blanket stitch) and machine stitched the green block.  I have also hand beaded the butterflies antenae - just to give a bit of sparkle!

This is a OOAK tee - available in size 6.  Feel free to pop into my etsy store -MooBeeTees - if you're interested in picking it up ;-)  You won't see another like it!

Lucky Me...!

Well, I certainly woke up to a lovely surprise last Sunday when I received an email from fellow Etsian baremoose letting me know that I had won her most recent giveaway!!
Red Rose Anklet - free shipping - Bare Moose
I have trouble winning a three legged race - so you can imagine my delight :-)
As a famous Australian music critic is known to say - 'Do yourself a favour' and check out Janet's blog.
Also take some time to look at her lovely store - she has lovely jewelry, a little something for everyone!
Empty Nest Bird Pendant Necklace - free shipping - Bare Moose Beach Blues Anklet - free shipping - Bare Moose Victorian Elegance Fuschia and Pink Swarovski Crystal Necklace - free shipping - Bare Moose Swarovski Crystal Pink and Crystal 3 Strand Triangle Beauty - free shipping - Bare Moose

Dusters meet in Melbourne

The 5th September was a pivitol day for me - I actually got to meet some of the talented artists and crafters behind the Etsy Dust Team.  We got together at the Lindt Cafe (Chadstone) and proceded to spend a lovely couple of hours together chatting.  It's something I highly recommend to other Etsians - the opportunity to meet with like-minded people is always a thrill!
Thanks to Kerri/vintagesewandsoCeleste/littlewaltzSally/sallysoriginalart andAndy/andyjusty for making the morning so much fun!
Thanks also to Ian and Kayan for their patience whilst we discussed the critical crafting issues of the day!  I look forward tot he next one

Some of my Etsy favourites...

I'm feeling a little lazy today, so instead of coming up with something witty to say I'm just going to post some of my favourites - love these items!  Take some time to visit these Etsians - enjoy!

Buy Handmade

Welcome to 'Squarey'...

I'd like you all to know that I didn't name 'Squarey'.  Had it been left to me I would have called him 'Rupert' or 'Xavier', but given I was making it for the MooBee - 'Squarey' it is!
It was raining today, so MooBee and I decided to whip up a quick softie.  I'm slowly introducing MooBee to the gentle art of sewing (she doesn't see me when I'm gesturing wildly at the sewing machine) - and we decided to wing it and create a softie.  All of the fabric, etc is the MooBee's choice.  Although I did win the vote on the green button eye - little yay for me!
So here he is...SQUAREY...

You may also wonder why, given he is mainly pink, he is a HE.  That again was MooBee's decision - apparently Squarey is a metrosoftie, so therefore pink is king. 
Anyway, thanks for letting my share my day with my MooBee with you!

Market Stall Bunting and Banners

I have just finished creating 3 metres of Bunting for Shazzabeth!  I think it looks fantastic and would like to offer this item to everyone who has a 'nude' market stall.
Here is a picture to give you an idea:

I will have a listing up shortly, but in the meantime please contact me directly through MooBeeTees and I can discuss your requirements with you.
I hope you like it!

MooBeeView #3: RainbowRevolution

MooBeeView #3 is with my wonderful fellow DUSTer Leanne from RainbowRevolution.  I first noticed Leanne's beautiful scarves whilst searching through the Treasury lists, and have come to better appreciate her talent since joing the Down Under Street Team (DUST).  So sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful world of colour that is Rainbow Revolution...
1) The first thing I noticed about your shop were the colours. What made you decide to make rainbows for people to wear?

Rainbow-wrap-close-weave-we[1]Well I don’t think it was a conscious decision really...I think that where ever you find yourself at this particular point in time is a culmination of where you have been...all your experiences expressing themselves in the now moment! I look back at where I have been and see that the changes I made in my interests and working life whilst at the time appeared to be radical ‘about face’ leaps into new directions were actually the perfect choices to give me experience to do what I do now. From nurse to makeup artist to natural therapies to becoming a colour therapist and all the while in between amassing a huge collection of paints, pencils and fabrics... always happy to play with my colours...paint walls, draw and paint pictures, throw and drape fabrics around to lift the mood of a room. Now I see that combining all of this gives me what I do...create colourful accessories to help lift peoples spirits!
I guess the rainbow became my ‘staple’ because it represents so much that is good and uplifting...joyous...unifying...hopeful...

2) Your colours are so vibrant - without giving away any trade secrets, how do you produce the 'right' vibrancy?

VibrantColoursLOL...well.... through huge trials and huge errors! While I have developed my formulas over a few years now I am continually experimenting. I have my basic formulas that I use for my rainbows but I also find that colour vibrancy is dependent upon the ‘play’ of the colours you are working with. Different colours will react differently when placed next to each other...I don’t mean they chemically react so much as visually..the play of opposites for example always sets up a sort of buzzy excited reaction. The visual play of colours always results in triggering an emotional response of some sort in the viewer!
On a more mundane level it is also about being careful not to create ‘mud’ !!! Making sure I keep clean tools and equipment for measuring and storing my colours and fixatives helps heaps. Dyes can be very unforgiving...one splash in the wrong direction and all can be lost!

3) Cotton, hemp, bamboo and silk - am I sensing a certain 'natural' synergy here? What is your favourite fabric to work with and why?

Earthrbowhempsilkweb7[1]Yes...definitely natural! I am always looking toward finding the most sustainable, ethical and environmentally sound choices in the fabrics I work with. Sometimes this is very tricky...it an be like going down the rabbit hole and becoming a little lost. I figure that if I take at least one step in the right direction each time then I am heading the right way. Besides natural fabrics just feel so much better against your skin...energetically and physically.
As far as choosing my favourite...well...I don’t think I could choose. Each fabric I work with has such a unique set of properties, behaviours and idiosyncrasies. Each fabric displays the colours in it’s own unique way too. You see hemp will still show through it’s basic earthiness no matter how I adjust my formulas...it is an inherent part of that fibre to do that. Silk with its finer structure will always show a more vibrant result. Bamboo seems to sit somewhere in between..it has the ability to reflect a sort of depth in the colour which is quite unusual but extremely beautiful.

4) MooBeeTees favourite colour is green (even though I bought a beautiful blue scarf) - what is your favourite colour and how does it influence you? (I ask all the tough questions!)

You sure do ask the tough questions!!! My colour choices are constantly changing. They reflect what is happening for me at any given time. It is the same for everyone really I think. Like you Karen...your favourite colour is green but you chose a blue scarf! There must have been something in the blue that you needed at that time. Colours serve as a reflection of where we are at and what we are feeling..they are also food for our soul!
My tendencies lately have been towards blues and grays. If I look at that with my Colour Therapists ‘hat’ on it makes perfect sense. I have been through a few years of intensely high energy...very red influence...building my business and going through some extreme changes in my personal life. During this time I chose a lot of the high energy colours..reds, oranges and magentas. I guess I needed their support at that time. Now as I am feeling more settled I am looking for the peacefulness and calm of blue and the sensitive stability of gray. This also reflects my natural tendencies in winter time as well...a more inward and reflective time of the year for me.
I do become a little obsessive about my wardrobe. I must have every colour in there should I need it.. and yes it is organised by colour! LOL some may call me obsessive but I would prefer to be called passionate!

I'd like to thank Leanne for taking the time to answer my questions and letting us in to her coulourful world.  If you want to learn more about Leanne andRainbowRevolution please visit her at one of her online sites:

MooBeeView's 4 Word Review: Everyone Needs Wearable Rainbows!


Whilst desperately trying to get this Blog up and going in the middle of school holidays (what on earth was I thinking!) I have also decided to add a new line of handmade goods to my Etsy shop.  I am making Personalised Bunting - perfect for kids rooms or indeed for any space where you would like a little bit of inspiration.  For those of you not familiar with bunting, here's a picture of some of my work:
Whilst that item is hot off the press today - more will be up on MooBeeTees soon.  I'm also looking at creating inspirational words, such as 'Dream' and 'Love'.  If you are interested in having something personally crafted for you contact me at MooBeeTees.
Whilst promoting my own designs, I will also be using my Blog to promote other artisans and their work - particularly those who I use.  My first 'interview' will be coming up soon, so keep your eyes open for that.
If you would like to feature on my Blog - let me know.  I'm always happy to help a fellow crafer :-)
Have a great one...


01 October 2009

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to MooBeeTees Blog!

MooBeeTees is a place where you can find tees (and other things!) that you won't find in the shops. All of the tee designs come from my and my children's imaginations - who know's what you will find!

I invite you to visit my shop at www.moobeetees.etsy.com and let me know if you like what you see. I'm always up for a chat and I love to get feedback. I love special requests, so if you have any just let me know.

You can also follow MooBeeTees on twitter (http://twitter.com/moobeetees) - be the first to know when my new designs hit the shop.
I hope you enjoy the MooBeeTees journey as much as I hope too!