10 October 2009

Button Craft - Fun for All...

The MooBee and I had a craft afternoon today.  This involved lots of glue, a stack of buttons and the choice of an appropriate outfit. 

Yes, whilst I can craft in jeans and a tee, the MooBee needs to create a signature look before she can create fullstop.  So here is a picture of the MooBee, sitting at the table in ruffle skirt, black leggings, boots and her hair accessory:

You will have to trust me on the ruffled skirt (did I mention it has tulle?).  Anyway once she was happy with the look we got down to decorating our wooden letters and shapes.  I wanted to create something for my niece who turned 16 today - what do you get a 16 year old these days?  I decided something handmade from the heart would go over the best and I really needed to use a few of my buttons.  I do have to thank Liz from hundredsofbuttons for dying 200 apple green buttons for me - thanks!

Using one of the pre cut letters or shapes you can buy at craft shops, I got the ball rolling by painting the sides and front of the 'B' green - just in case there were any spaces between the buttons.  Ten minutes and a short burst of the hairdryer later, I glued the backing fabric on that I had cut out earlier.  You don't have to do this of course, but I thought it added a nice touch.  I then screwed in a hook and we were ready to glue.

Here you can see MooBee's 'M' (and a flower she completed earlier) - so easy for the kids to do.  All they need is a bit of space, an old Royal Auto magazine to work on and some glue/buttons and they are off!  The nice thing is they can finish something fairly quickly so they don't lose focus half way through.

Here's my 'B' almost completed.  I think the hardest thing with this is knowing when to stop.  There is a strong feeling of 'just one more' - so make sure you stand back and take a good hard look when you get towards the end.  You don't want to risk all of that hard work because you couldn't say no!!

And then you are finished!  All ready to hang :-)  This is quick and easy and a great way for the kids to spend the afternoon. Hopefully it will find a nice little spot on my niece's wall. Enjoy!


  1. I love this - it's super cute.
    I just had to make one for my daughters bedroom (and put my own spin on it)

    check out my efforts: http://lomosio.wordpress.com/2012/07/28/button-initial/


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