07 October 2009

10 Sales - Woo Hoo!!

Now normally I don't go around blowing my own trumpet too much, but I feel that acheiving 10 sales on Etsy gives me the right to do this.  A little milestone if you like :-)
I am now looking forward to my next 10 - feel free to help me get there (especially since I now have my overlocker foot and I'm seaming up a storm!!)
So help me count up to 20 - and if you are a fellow seller I will MooBeeView your shop in my blog.  So lets set it all up:
11|12|13| 14|15 |16 |17 |18 |19| 20
For every sale, I will pop your name up here and give you the opportunity for a MooBeeView - how about it?  Not to mention you will take a beautiful handcrafted item from MooBeeTee's.
Keep having fun :-)

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