07 October 2009

I've moved!!!!!

OK,  I'm here.  I have moved over from the dark side and am now in sunny blogger heaven!!!

Here are a couple of things to note since the change:

1. Giveaway: Please take note of my giveaway - the first 50 followers will go into a draw to win a USD$25 voucher to spend in my shop, www.moobeetees.etsy.com.  I will take into account the 20 bodies who were following me on my old site, so if you join up here as well - hey, you could have two chances of winning!!

2. 20 Sales:  I am offering one of my world famous MooBeeView's to the owner of my 20th sale - what a great way to reach people.  We are now up to 12, so only 8 to go.  if you are not a shop owner I will ask you to nominate a shop for this very special interview - so noone misses out :-)

Lastly, here is today's favourite as tweeted:

Shining Sun, it sparkles - Brooch

Thanks to the lovely LittleWaltz for creating such a beautiful sunny piece to brighten up our day!



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