26 February 2010

My Art Tee is Complete!

It seems like it took forever and I am thankful for Janil's patience, but I have finished my Art Tee - yay!

For those of you who are new to the Art Tee journey, let me explain quickly:
  • LittleWaltz held a Giveaway for me
  • Janil won the Giveaway
  • After much discussion a design based on Janil's idea was drafted
  • A bit of back and forth
  • And then - 'TAH DAH' A finsished one-off, unique, personalised Art Tee :)
For those more visual, here are those steps in pictures:

My dodgy draft doodles:

Checking out the fabric combination:

Almost there (still making little changes):



I had so much fun creating this tee that I think I'm going to do it again in a few months, so keep an eye out for that giveaway.  In the meantime, if you are interested in your very own Art Tee, don't hesitate to contact me at MooBeeTees.

Enjoy :)-

23 February 2010

Newly Arrived Postal Pressies!

I had a lovely surprise today when I ventured out to my mail box in my indoor stripey socks, hoping not to be sprung by the neighbours.  Two recent purchases had arrived and they certainly put a smile on my face :)

The first is my new pin cushion from SallysAnnesSupplies - I have named her 'Pamela':
The second is some fabulous fabric from PocketCarnival.  This design is Penny's 'Purple Bird' fabric and can be found in her blog shop. I've been wanting to use some of Penny's fabric in my designs and I'm so excited now I can!!

I love collecting my special parcels from the mail box - it makes me smile like a child!

So, what have you bought lately that makes you smile like a child? :)

21 February 2010

MooBeeTees has been Featured!

I'm very pleased to let you know that the lovely Chacoy  - ma21cuteboy - has featured MooBeeTees on her blog.  I'm very chuffed and pleased.  I'd love for you to take a couple of minutes and check out the feature and the blog - it's fab!
Have a great Sunday :)

19 February 2010

Fabulous Friday Favourites

It is Friday and it's time to share some more of my favourites with you!  Take an opportunity to find some creations you haven't seen before or perhaps source some supplies you have been looking for - it's always fun to share!

17 February 2010

Art Tee Update!

I know you are all dying to see what has happened to my Art Tee doodles, famously captured on my blog a little ealier!  Well, it is now nearly finished and I am looking forward to sending it to Janil in Spain.  Just to provide a little background to those new to my blog, the lovely LittleWaltz held a giveaway with the prize being a tee created by me based on one of your design ideas.  Janil was the lucky winner this time, with a personalised village.

After further discussion we decided on a whimsical village where you might see fairies living in mushrooms and the like.  The result was a series of doodles which I shared with everyone a little earlier.  I have now completed the machine sewing and am just finishing up the detail by hand sewing (can't show you this yet, Janil gets the first look!).

However, here is an update on how it is all going:
I'm enjoying the process so much I will be doing this again a little later in the year, so keep an eye out for this!

In the meantime, I will finish the detail today and soon my little tee will be winging it's way across the world - very exciting!

Final instalment coming soon!!

13 February 2010

MooBeeView #6 and Giveaway: SashaSews

The challenge of February's MooBeeView has been undertaken by the lovely Sasha of SashaSews (and FabricFusion).  She has accepted the challenge and not only has she answered my fabulous four questions magnificently she has also offered my blog readers a chance to win one of her gorgeous Medium Size Fabric baskets - in fabric of your own choosing.  Now Sasha is a queen of organisation, so if you are in a bit of a crafting mess, now is your chance to win in this fabulous giveaway!

But first, let's learn a litle bit more about Sasha and the items that she sews:

1) As you know I do my research. I note that you are a Cancerian. Of the many fabulous traits associated with this sign, I did see one lurking in the background that indicated a 'tendancy to be untidy' - is this the reason for your creating fabulous storage solutions? Or was it something else??
Yes, I am a Cancer - which does explain a few things about me! Luckily, my tendency towards untidiness is pretty much restricted to my fabric stash (which regularly gets out of control)!

But the reason I started creating fabric bags, baskets and organisers was an extension of my love of colour and fabric. If you look around, most of the handbags, diaries etc that you see are black. Maybe brown. Occasionally white. To me, this is a crime when there are literally thousands of beautiful fabrics that could be brightening up our lives! Why have a boring storage box when you can have one that matches your decor? Why have a black diary organiser when you can have one that makes you smile when you see it, because it is so pretty?
2) You use some fabulous fabrics for your creations - I see some that would be very familiar to Australian etsians - do you have a favourite textile designer/s and have you ever thought of teaming up with someone to create fabrics specifically for you?
I love fabric. For myself, I would choose anything pretty and shabby chic. But when I discovered Saffron Craig's fabrics, I fell in love. Now that I am following her on Twitter, I am stalking her with questions about when a new range, and new colours might be coming out!

I have also had a sneak peek at some new Sandi Henderson fabrics that are delicious, and will hopefully be in Fabric Fusion soon!

As for fabrics made specifically for me, I dream of one day making a real statement with fabrics created just for my lines of organisers. But for the time being, I have avoided going near Spoonflower.com, because I am afraid that I will become addicted if I even look at their home page! All in good time....

3) How do you decide what to organise next? Does it come from looking around your own home, or do you find yourself mentally tidying up for family and friends? Where does the inspiration spring from?

What to organise next. Well, I guess the inspirations come from many different places. It helps that I get to keep all the prototypes, so yes, we have fabric baskets in our bathroom cupboards, in Ryan's baby room, and even as a fruit basket!

Sometimes things come from my daily life. Like the fabric baskets -- they will soon be coming out in office sets, with labels for Sales and Expenses, In and Out trays, etc. Why? Because I was doing my tax paperwork the other day and wanted my piles of papers to be in pretty baskets!

And any mum is always looking for a way to keep toys tidy, right? If you can make the storage ideas fun and bright, the kids just MIGHT put toys away themselves! Or at least help??!

Other ideas have come from friends and customers - I have just finished a custom order for a handbag organiser, which adds 10 extra pockets to any handbag. I loved the prototype so much that it has now been added as a new item in the shop.

I try not to mentally tidy other people's houses... after all, let she who is without mess cast the first stone!

4) Now the tough question: You have the choice to organise either the 'Brangelina Brood' or 'Lindsay Lohan' - who would you choose, why and what would be the one SashaSews item they would have to have multiples of?
Definitely the Brangelina Brood.

Why? Well, with 6 kids they sure must need organisation and storage! And.... perhaps while I am in the super deluxe kids' wing of the mansion, who knows... Brad might just stroll past to admire the wonderfully tidy and organised space that I have created?!

They would definitely need a car organiser for each child, to keep toys, games, snacks and drinks handy... 1 each, in every car... and aeroplane. So I am guessing they would need probably about 60? 70? LOL!


I'd like to thank Sasha for taking the time to answer my questions and letting us in to her organised world.  If you want to learn more about Sasha and Sasha Sews please visit her at one of her online sites:
Shop 2: www.FabricFusion.etsy.com
Blog: www.SmallTownMamma.blogspot.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/SashaSews
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SashaSewsHandbags 

MooBeeTee's Four Word Review:  Seriously Fabulous Storage Solutions!

And now for the Giveaway!  Sasha has offered my blog readers a chance to win one of her gorgeous Medium Size Fabric baskets - in fabric of your own choosing.

How?  It's easy.  There are only two steps:

1: Browse the SashaSews shop and comment on your favourite item.
2: Become a follower of MooBeeTees Blog and let me know in a comment:)

Remember - leave a seperate comment for each step and include your email address as the winner will be generated randomly.

The giveaway will finish on the 6 March 2010 at 12:00pm (AEST). The winner will be contacted and given 48 hours to accept. 
 Good Luck!!

10 February 2010

New MooBeeViews Coming Soon...

Just a quickie to let you all know I have two MooBeeViews coming soon.  Both SashaSews and Angelene have agreed to undertake the fabulous four questions - very exciting!  Keep an eye on my posts, becasue they will be up before you know it!!

 You never know - there may even be something in it for you!

08 February 2010

Pink Dust - My Own Treasury!

It's Monday morning, I've read the paper, had my bucket of Chill Out tea and have captured and showered one child.  I think that has earned me the right to sit down and look at some of my favourite Etsy items.  Since I always seem to be in the wrong place when the Etsy Treasury opens, I have decided to create my own!

So settle back and enjoy my PINK DUST collection:


My thanks to the etsy crafters and artisans from the DUST TEAM who feature in my collection (starting from the top, working left to right):

05 February 2010

Great Giveaway at Wee Share...

For those of you who love a great .pdf pattern. I have found a terrific giveaway on Wee Share's Blog.  Not only do you get to know a bit more about The Scientific Seamstress (fabulous name!), you also ge the chance to win three of her .pdf patterns.  Well worth taking the time to enter.

Good Luck!!

03 February 2010

New Avatar! What Do You Think?

OK.  I think I've finally came up with a new avatar.  As much as I love my little bee, I've been trying to come up with something that is more visually representative of what it is that MooBeetees is and does - little designs for BIG imaginations!  What do you think? I'd love to know :)
Who has an avatar that you covet the design of?  Here are a couple of my faves:

Thanks to:

01 February 2010

First Day Back at School...

The house is quiet.  Only the sound of Neil Mitchell (3AW) and the tap dripping disturbing the silence.

SCHOOL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are happy faced mothers all over the state of Victoria!!

And in the MooBeeTees household there were two very excited, if not a little nervous, children looking forward to the new school year.
The Hamster has started secondary school today.  He's all shiney and new at the moment - I am probably more nervous than he is.  I'm full of hope that all will go well today.  That he will like his new environment.  That he will make new friends, and catch up with some of his old friends.  That he will find success and not fail.  And if he does experience failure he learns from it and grows.  That he will grow into a strong, capable young man.  That he will care for his friends. That he will still need his mum.  Occasionally :)

The MooBee returned to Year 2.  Back to her friends and the school environment that she loves.  For the first time without her big brother.  She is now a big girl at school.  No longer considered one of the little kids.  She selected her uniform today.  Dressed herself.  Was impatient at the front door.  But had to give her brother a hug before we left.

Change - it's always present, but was perhaps more obvious this morning.  I'm sitting here wondering how the change will affect me.  My babies are growing up.  Becoming more independent every day.  I'm very proud of both of them.

All over Victoria there will be happy faced mothers - not because they have their house and routine back (well maybe!) - but becasue they are so proud.

And now I can sew...