13 November 2010

Paper Magic!!

I've often watched Origami experts ply their craft and wondered how they do it all so perfectly.  I love how the edges of the paper are so sharp, yet flowers, birds, animals - all sorts of things emerge in full rounded three dimensional glory.

Here are a couple of tutorial clips I found on YouTube by the very talented jonakashima.  Complete with paper sounds, these little vids will give you some skills to impress yourself - and maybe even your family.

I'm going to start with the Magic Rose Cube and see how I go from there!  Perhaps you can get the kids to watch and give it a go if they have a spare moment.  Perhaps it might be a new skill for you to fall in love with!

I hope you enjoy :0)

And finally one that is close to so many of our hearts ;0)

10 November 2010

A Young Lady With Dreams...

I know it's not about craft, but I'm always inspired by children following their passions and dreams.  Take a couple of minutes to check out Ailish Bolt (an Australia Zoo Joey Ambassador) educating us about the plight of the Orangutan.

Did I mention this young lady is only 6 years old!  

Watch and learn...

For more information on the plight of the Orangutans click here.

For more information on the Australia Zoo Joey Ambassadors click here.

05 November 2010

Baby It's You Alright!!

As a young-un in the 1978 I heard this song and loved it immediately.  What more could you want - moody male vocals and a woman screaming the chorus with such passion and gusto - it was just about perfect.

And then I saw the film clip.

I so wanted to be that girl!!  I loved her hair, her makeup - the whole glam, rock chick package.  I had no idea what the song meant, I just wanted to be part of it.
And I still love it to this day.

So for your listening pleasure, here is The Promises with Baby It's You..

Such a classic!

Here's a little of today that was inspired by that fabulous decade - LOL!!