05 November 2010

Baby It's You Alright!!

As a young-un in the 1978 I heard this song and loved it immediately.  What more could you want - moody male vocals and a woman screaming the chorus with such passion and gusto - it was just about perfect.

And then I saw the film clip.

I so wanted to be that girl!!  I loved her hair, her makeup - the whole glam, rock chick package.  I had no idea what the song meant, I just wanted to be part of it.
And I still love it to this day.

So for your listening pleasure, here is The Promises with Baby It's You..

Such a classic!

Here's a little of today that was inspired by that fabulous decade - LOL!!



  1. Love that song.
    Rock'n out now.

  2. I have played it since last night - kids are getting grumpy - LOL!


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