31 January 2011

Pincushions - Works Of Art You Can Stick Pins In!

By now, many of you will know that I recently purchased a wonderful handmade, felt pincushion from a fellow Etsy seller That Pincushion Place.  I have been waiting with bated breath for my parcel to arrive from the UK and today it did!  I was greeted by a lovely box on the doorstep just waiting for me to open it up and examine it's contents.  So scissors at the ready I held my breath and carefully opened the box.

I was not dissappointed!

There it was in all of it's 8" glory.  My pincushion.  Yay!!  I am completely gobsmacked by the amount of time and work that has obviously gone into creating this little masterpiece.  It got me thinking though.  What other pincushions are out there defined purely by utalitarian ideals.  What other little works of art are lurking in the functional sections of all craft/auction sites under 'sewing paraphenalia'?

So I went on a search and this is what I found - true pieces of art!!

L to R Top: 1) yifatiii, 2) minibytes, 3) detailsbydes, 4) yoorika
L to R Bottom: 1) BayColonyDesigns, 2) FatCatCrafts, 3) Dollydrip, 4) Sairaku

16 January 2011

Does This Annoy you About Kids Clothing?

For the record the response to the question below was 60% NO and 40% YES.  So the No's have it ;0) 

Apparently mother's are always right!

When trying to design the decorative elements for children's clothing there is always a questions that comes up that the MooBeeTees team argue about:

Should we include buttons and beads???

MooBeeMum says NO - they might turn people off if they are considered a pain to wash.

I say YES - because they are what make items different and unique.  It doesn't take much to turn them inside out and pop them in a lingerie bag/pillowcase to wash them :0)

So we decided we'd ask you - our wise customers and followers - what do you want?  Do you want us to decorate with buttons and beads OR is it fabric only please?

14 January 2011

A Little Ray of Sunshine

On what has been a very dark week in Australia's, and in particular Queensland's, history, I just wanted to create a little ray of sunshine.  

For some this will be too early, for others it will be too late, but for most I hope for it will be just in time. 

Here are a few images and items that have made me smile.  Hopefully they will make you smile too :0) 

image courtesy of funalso.com
(Can't help it.  I just love a cute baby in a hood!)

image courtesy of etsy.com : xmoonbloom
(Who doesn't love the look of a cat forced to do something humiliating!)

image courtesy of coolchaser.com
(I just love her look - right before I'm sure she snotted both of them on the nose.)

image courtesy of etsy.com : snappymirrors
(Need I say more?)

image courtesy of Gary Larson
(Gary was obviously before his time - who would have known he predicted twitter!)