16 January 2011

Does This Annoy you About Kids Clothing?

For the record the response to the question below was 60% NO and 40% YES.  So the No's have it ;0) 

Apparently mother's are always right!

When trying to design the decorative elements for children's clothing there is always a questions that comes up that the MooBeeTees team argue about:

Should we include buttons and beads???

MooBeeMum says NO - they might turn people off if they are considered a pain to wash.

I say YES - because they are what make items different and unique.  It doesn't take much to turn them inside out and pop them in a lingerie bag/pillowcase to wash them :0)

So we decided we'd ask you - our wise customers and followers - what do you want?  Do you want us to decorate with buttons and beads OR is it fabric only please?

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