14 January 2011

A Little Ray of Sunshine

On what has been a very dark week in Australia's, and in particular Queensland's, history, I just wanted to create a little ray of sunshine.  

For some this will be too early, for others it will be too late, but for most I hope for it will be just in time. 

Here are a few images and items that have made me smile.  Hopefully they will make you smile too :0) 

image courtesy of funalso.com
(Can't help it.  I just love a cute baby in a hood!)

image courtesy of etsy.com : xmoonbloom
(Who doesn't love the look of a cat forced to do something humiliating!)

image courtesy of coolchaser.com
(I just love her look - right before I'm sure she snotted both of them on the nose.)

image courtesy of etsy.com : snappymirrors
(Need I say more?)

image courtesy of Gary Larson
(Gary was obviously before his time - who would have known he predicted twitter!)

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