19 November 2009

My First Market - the aftermath...

I did it.

I survived.

My first market.        

That is me doing a happy dance!  It was a great night - stinking hot - but fabulous weather for our lovely school twilight craft market.  I was overwhelmed by all of the support MooBeeTees received from the children and parents - it reinforced why I spend hours surrounded by fabric and up to my ears in ideas!

Now, keep in mind that I don't yet have all of the hard core market gear - you know, pop up canopies, trestle tables, signage, etc.  In fact one of the dads from the Fathers Club took pity on MooBeeGran and I and loaned us an umbrella - bless!   Here's a picture of the Hamster carefully looking after the stall:

Note my subtle nod to Christmas - just in case those of you in colder climates think I'm doing this in June!

It was only little, but it gave me a taste of what I could become addicted to - the monthly market.  For those of you who encouraged me - thanks!  This market paid for more stock - the next market might get me an umbrella!!!


18 November 2009

Off to Market...

Today is the day - MooBeeTees first market appearance!  Beaumaris North Primary School is holding a twilight craft market tonight to help with all of your Christmas shopping challenges.  MooBeeTees have decided to get behind the school and have a first go at getting a stall together.  I'm really excited!!

MooBeeGran has been crocheting up a storm - bag tags, butterflies, coat hangers (where would all our lovely hangables be without a crocheted coat hanger!), brooches and much more.  I have tried my hand at sewing up some funky pencil rolls and library bags, as well as getting some of my new tee line up and going.

If you happen to be in the area tonight, the market details are:

Beaumaris North Primary School
Wood St, Beaumaris, 3193


I'll let you know how it all goes - must add camera to the list of things to take!

If you do stop by, let me know you read about the market on my blog - you never know what will happen :-)

09 November 2009

18 Years of Art and Craft...

This has nothing directly to do with art and craft, but I think there is certainly an art and certain craftiness to staying married for 18 years!  I spent a lovely evening last night with my Darling Husband celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary.  A lovely dinner at Elbow Room (Fitzroy St, St Kilda) and a night away from the kiddies - bliss!!

I have learnt that relationships are very much the result of hard work; creating a picture of a future together and then being able to build it.  Something like my craft work:
  • having an idea at the start
  • sharing that idea (sometimes)
  • being given the 'you're daft' look
  • me ignoring look - but having a second thought about design
  • continuing on with first idea
  • deciding that I was daft and changing idea a bit (just a bit - don't want to give in completely)
  • continuing to get unsolicited feedback (totally unaware that the initial sharing was it)
  • continuing to ignore
  • continuing to piece together fabric
  • somewhere around now there is a heavy *sigh*
  • getting towards the goal...
  • and then we have it - 18 years of marriage!
I hope all of you working on your relationships with a little 'art and craft' have as much success as 'we' have had so far :)


04 November 2009

Storage Solutions a la MooBee...

Whilst I was sewing the other day, the MooBee mentioned I was in a bit of mess.  Fine coming from a seven year old who's idea of tidy up is to just drop the item in a different spot!

So in a helping gesture, she decided to create a special place for me to store my bobbin and cotton reels.  Where would we be without architectural toys such as ello?  Here is my new creative space to store my reels - no sudden moves please!!!

MooBee is willing to custom design her reel storage so just let me know if you want to take her up on the offer ;-)