09 November 2009

18 Years of Art and Craft...

This has nothing directly to do with art and craft, but I think there is certainly an art and certain craftiness to staying married for 18 years!  I spent a lovely evening last night with my Darling Husband celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary.  A lovely dinner at Elbow Room (Fitzroy St, St Kilda) and a night away from the kiddies - bliss!!

I have learnt that relationships are very much the result of hard work; creating a picture of a future together and then being able to build it.  Something like my craft work:
  • having an idea at the start
  • sharing that idea (sometimes)
  • being given the 'you're daft' look
  • me ignoring look - but having a second thought about design
  • continuing on with first idea
  • deciding that I was daft and changing idea a bit (just a bit - don't want to give in completely)
  • continuing to get unsolicited feedback (totally unaware that the initial sharing was it)
  • continuing to ignore
  • continuing to piece together fabric
  • somewhere around now there is a heavy *sigh*
  • getting towards the goal...
  • and then we have it - 18 years of marriage!
I hope all of you working on your relationships with a little 'art and craft' have as much success as 'we' have had so far :)



  1. Congratulations Karen! There is definately an art to staying happily married for that long :)

  2. haha this made me laugh!!
    happy 18th anniversary...heres to many more years ahead!!
    enjoy your special day

  3. Thanks :) I'm glad I gave you a little giggle!!


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