30 July 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds...

Time for some more Fabulous Friday Finds!  This weeks finds are brought to us by the word 'dramatic'.

Dramatic, to me,  always conjours up glamerous old world movie stars, dark Wuthering Heights environments and brooding star crossed lovers.  It also highlights use of strong colour and shapes, maybe even cutting edge ideas.  I hope you enjoy my chosen few and I hope you can share some of your own :)

Desertion 8x12 fine art photograph : TailedBluePhotos





22 July 2010

July Giveaway - MooBeeTees

We're having a Giveaway!!

Here's your chance to be the lucky winner of some fabulous medium Heirloom Bunting handmade by me for you.  Entry details are located under the July Giveaway tab.  I've popped a few pictures below to show the kind of bunting I create. It can be a name, an inspirational word (no surprises that MooBee's revolves around sleep - DREAM!), their favourite sports team.  I'll work with you to choose the colours and the wording.



I look forward to working with one of you on some fantastic bunting :)


21 July 2010

Wednesday Wishlist

It's been a while since I had a wishlist, and I feel like the time is right for another one.  Here are a few of the finer things in life that I would like to call my own :)  Enjoy!!!

13 July 2010

Things that make me go mmmmm :)

I was searching my way through Etsy and found myself mmmming over a number of items that I either wanted or made we wonder if they had lost their way to the Regretsy pages.  How did they end up in the same search results?  What is the link that makes them appear together like star crossed lovers?  What do you think - perfectly matched, or things that make you go mmmmm?

Search: Baby Doll

Search: Happy

Search: Classy

06 July 2010

The Photographer in all of Us

I was attempting to take some listing photos today and I was reminded of how bad I am at actually doing this.  If only I could take photos that I think accurately record my items for you all to see - I would be happy.  It doesn't matter how many times I read hints and tips on how to take the perfect photo, or the fact that my Grandfather was a fabulous amateur photographer, gentically and technically the skill seems to have passed me by.

In the middle of all of this, I decided to take a picture of myself as I'm notoriously shy of showing myself on the web.  So here is my best 'self portrait'  (with thanks from PowerPoint and Picassa):

I only wish you could have seen me standing in my lounge room making faces at the camera trying to acheive 'natural' and 'youthful' knowing that I couldn't call on airbrushing to save me!

Given my own inability with the camera, I am forever thrilled to see the work of others who seem to have a natural gift for recording moments in time.  So here are a couple of my favourite photos that are currently for sale on Etsy.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do :)

I love how warm this photo makes me feel.

My favourite book as a child was The Secret Garden.  To me, this IS the door to the garden.

I just love a bit of menacing architecture!

Just becasue I like red balloons and blue skies :)

What images do you like?