30 July 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds...

Time for some more Fabulous Friday Finds!  This weeks finds are brought to us by the word 'dramatic'.

Dramatic, to me,  always conjours up glamerous old world movie stars, dark Wuthering Heights environments and brooding star crossed lovers.  It also highlights use of strong colour and shapes, maybe even cutting edge ideas.  I hope you enjoy my chosen few and I hope you can share some of your own :)

Desertion 8x12 fine art photograph : TailedBluePhotos





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  1. Can't say I have any photos of 'dramatic' however, I seem to remember a certain conversation one had about a certain young man who is himself, quite dramatic. :-) Looking at your photos made me wish I had a video clip of him as you hand him his laundry to be put away so I could post it here.


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