06 July 2010

The Photographer in all of Us

I was attempting to take some listing photos today and I was reminded of how bad I am at actually doing this.  If only I could take photos that I think accurately record my items for you all to see - I would be happy.  It doesn't matter how many times I read hints and tips on how to take the perfect photo, or the fact that my Grandfather was a fabulous amateur photographer, gentically and technically the skill seems to have passed me by.

In the middle of all of this, I decided to take a picture of myself as I'm notoriously shy of showing myself on the web.  So here is my best 'self portrait'  (with thanks from PowerPoint and Picassa):

I only wish you could have seen me standing in my lounge room making faces at the camera trying to acheive 'natural' and 'youthful' knowing that I couldn't call on airbrushing to save me!

Given my own inability with the camera, I am forever thrilled to see the work of others who seem to have a natural gift for recording moments in time.  So here are a couple of my favourite photos that are currently for sale on Etsy.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do :)

I love how warm this photo makes me feel.

My favourite book as a child was The Secret Garden.  To me, this IS the door to the garden.

I just love a bit of menacing architecture!

Just becasue I like red balloons and blue skies :)

What images do you like?

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