26 June 2010

Attempting the Jump - Crochet

In my wonderful world of craft I am surrounded by some amazing fibre artists, both online and in the flesh.  I've always had a yen to learn how to turn yarn into something more than a jumbled mess, so I've decided to teach myself to crochet.  Given that MooBeeGran is a former professional crocheter (is there such a word?) I'm hoping that genetics will come into play here.

I have been inspired by the multi-talented Jess from Epheriell Designs.  She is currently in the midst of The Great Australian Granny Square (TGAGS) journey, from which I am drawing inspiration :)  To add to this, whilst tweeting this afternoon I came across a tweet from crochetgal linking to some fantastic 'Learn to Crochet' videos by Lion Brand Yarn (and yes, I'm keeping in mind that American and Australian terms do differ).  The videos are lovely and clear and so much easier to understand than some of the leaflets I've been trying to follow.

Now I know I could just ask MooBeeGran for some lessons, but that would just defeat my 'must try before reading instructions' outlook on life (and we've already tried the life and death stuff when she taught me to drive).

Here is my first practice piece:
I obviously have a long way to go before I get to this level - but I'm going to enjoy learning:
 With thanks to the following fabulous fibre artists:

1st Row (left to right)

2nd Row (left to right)

Are you trying anything new?


  1. Your first piece looks great.

    I have been wanting to learn crochet too. I have my name down for a local crochet class and just have to wait until they have enough people to hold it.

  2. Thank you for including my work to your collage. Look for me on YouTube for more inspiration a crocheting tips. Cheers! Tatiana-Fibreromance


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