21 June 2010

Fabulous Start for a New Boutique Childrens Market

As many of you would know, I had a stall at the new boutique children's market - Sugar and Spice - at Woodend, Victoria on Sunday.  After much organising by the wonderful Ali Bant, the market was a great success and lots of terrific feedback was heard being given about the quality of the items for sale, the talent of the stall holders and the overall publicity and organisation of the event.

From a stall holders perspective it was well worth me making the effort to drive to Woodend, which is a good two hours from home.  I'm fortunate in having friends in the area who were generous enough to let me stay with them Saturday night, but I know stall holders came from all over the place to take part.  The hall was warm and dry and there was room a'plently for us all to fit in.  The 10am - 2pm timeframe also gave people who had to travel enough time to get there and get home at a respectable time.

The opportunity to hire a table was made available if needed (with chairs!) and the stall fee was very competitive with other markets of the type.  There was heaps of parking and lots of room to bump in and out.

As with all good markets there was coffee and cupcakes to keep you going, and a space for the 'menfolk' to gather if they needed to remove themselves from the shopping frenzy for a few moments.

Apart from creating a new shopping event, Ali has also made sure that there is a philanthropic element to the Sugar and Spice Market. The market has been designed to support various worthwhile causes and the first cause is to assist with funding the very important education program for Felicity, the step daughter of another fabulous crafter Amy of GiggleBerry Creations.  Felicity's touching and heart warming story can be found on Sugar and Spice's blog.  The profits that are made through running the June and September markets will be donated to Felicity's cause.

So what is my overall opinion of this market?  Fabulous :)  You would never have known it was the first one.  I recommend it to other Children's Crafters and look forward to taking part in it again next time.

Well done Ali and all who took part (did I mention there were Cupcakes?).


  1. Was lovely to meet you there! Glad to hear you had a wonderful day, me too :)

  2. It was great to meet you too Belinda. I'm looking forward to the next one :)


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