01 February 2010

First Day Back at School...

The house is quiet.  Only the sound of Neil Mitchell (3AW) and the tap dripping disturbing the silence.

SCHOOL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are happy faced mothers all over the state of Victoria!!

And in the MooBeeTees household there were two very excited, if not a little nervous, children looking forward to the new school year.
The Hamster has started secondary school today.  He's all shiney and new at the moment - I am probably more nervous than he is.  I'm full of hope that all will go well today.  That he will like his new environment.  That he will make new friends, and catch up with some of his old friends.  That he will find success and not fail.  And if he does experience failure he learns from it and grows.  That he will grow into a strong, capable young man.  That he will care for his friends. That he will still need his mum.  Occasionally :)

The MooBee returned to Year 2.  Back to her friends and the school environment that she loves.  For the first time without her big brother.  She is now a big girl at school.  No longer considered one of the little kids.  She selected her uniform today.  Dressed herself.  Was impatient at the front door.  But had to give her brother a hug before we left.

Change - it's always present, but was perhaps more obvious this morning.  I'm sitting here wondering how the change will affect me.  My babies are growing up.  Becoming more independent every day.  I'm very proud of both of them.

All over Victoria there will be happy faced mothers - not because they have their house and routine back (well maybe!) - but becasue they are so proud.

And now I can sew...

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