07 October 2009

Welcome to 'Squarey'...

I'd like you all to know that I didn't name 'Squarey'.  Had it been left to me I would have called him 'Rupert' or 'Xavier', but given I was making it for the MooBee - 'Squarey' it is!
It was raining today, so MooBee and I decided to whip up a quick softie.  I'm slowly introducing MooBee to the gentle art of sewing (she doesn't see me when I'm gesturing wildly at the sewing machine) - and we decided to wing it and create a softie.  All of the fabric, etc is the MooBee's choice.  Although I did win the vote on the green button eye - little yay for me!
So here he is...SQUAREY...

You may also wonder why, given he is mainly pink, he is a HE.  That again was MooBee's decision - apparently Squarey is a metrosoftie, so therefore pink is king. 
Anyway, thanks for letting my share my day with my MooBee with you!

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