07 October 2009

New Butterfly Tee Design Listed...

I have finally finished my new Butterfly Tee!  In between making dresses to sell and trying to cram hundred's of ideas in to the working day, I've finally squeezed another tee out!  I must stop coming up with too many other ideas - there are only so many hours in the day :-)
Here's a little picture:

Well, I did say it was a little picture (I'm just amusing myself now!).  Here are some bigger pictures for people like me with appalling eyesight from too many hours at the Janome:
The fabric has been heat transferred, then stitched onto the tee.  I have handstitched the arround the edge of the butterfly (bless blanket stitch) and machine stitched the green block.  I have also hand beaded the butterflies antenae - just to give a bit of sparkle!

This is a OOAK tee - available in size 6.  Feel free to pop into my etsy store -MooBeeTees - if you're interested in picking it up ;-)  You won't see another like it!

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