07 October 2009

Newbies, Newbies, Newbies...

The spring weather certainly inspired me to be creative yesterday, so with the sun streaming through the French doors, I got the sewing machine out and sewed (who would have thought!).  I managed to complete two new tees and a dress (whose original pattern is by the wonderful Whole Grain Baby).
Whilst being blinded by the sun on my sewing, my thoughts turned to sunglasses and this was the inspiration for my latest two tees.
This tee is for cool little surfer dude, who just wants to kick back and chill.

This tee is for your little princess who still holds dear to her heart a particular mermaid starting with 'A'!

Last, but certainly not least is the first of my dresses - inspired by my own lovely daughter MooBee.  I was fortunate to find a lovely pattern through Etsy and Whole Grain Baby - yay!
So take some time to wander through MooBeeTees - you might find a nice little something to put away for Christmas!

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