14 April 2011

Some Time Away - Bells Beach

The kids and I took a couple of days away at the start of the week and we headed down to The Van.  Fortunately we had a lovely day Monday (before the rain) and managed to get some time in down at the famous Bells Beach.  Preparations are well underway for the annual easter surf competition held at Bells, but we were lucky enough to still be able to get down on to the beach to watch some of the locals, and the not so locals, surfing.

Whilst there the kids spent some time chasing waves at the edge of the water - it was lovely to be away from anything that plugged into the television and just watch the kids running around like geese enjoying themselves.  

Here's my little photo essay on our adventure :0)

Picturesque Bells Beach

Happy feet on the soothing sands :0)

Ah, happy children walking together...

...imagination running away ...

...I'm sure he is trying to save his sister...

...all's well that ends well :0)

The only problem with a lovely walk along Bells Beach?  Getting back to the car!!

Lots of fun was had by all!  What are you all doing on the school holidays?

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