10 April 2011

My New Obsession: Crochet!

As many of you who follow me on Facebook would know, I have recently started to learn to crochet.

MooBeeGran is a crocheter/knitter of world standards (in my humble opinion) and she has taken on the role of mentor and guru.  Whilst not the white-knuckle job she had when teaching me to drive, I'm sure as I take on more challenging projects, she may wish she'd outsourced the whole job.

Not happy to start with a granny square, I decided to head straight for a small Amigurumi project.  I posted a picture of my initial shape on facebook and asked you to guess what it might be:

There were lots of fabulous guesses, including:
  • A pin cushion
  • A little pink easter egg octopus
  • The tummy of a new MooBeeAnimal (close)
  • An owl (correct species)
  • An easter bunny
  • A mouse
  • A pink elephant
  • A bunyip
  • A pink galah (the closest yet)
  • A thumb warmer (my personal favourite!).
I was excited that you had become involved in my new obsession!  However I think the time has come to reveal what my small pink blob hast evolved in to.  So as they do in all of those TV make-over shows, here is the slow reveal:

Drum roll please...

Yes!  It's a small pink Amigurumi bird!!  So much fun to make and so quick!  I have the lovely Tara, owner of Mamachee, to thank for her Fat Birdy pattern - so easy for a first timer to follow!   I would recommend her fabulous patterns to everyone :0)

I have enjoyed my first foray into crocheting so much that I have already started my next Fat Birdy (I'm now consolidating my skills!).  Here's a little sneak preview:

So, much love and thanks to MooBeeGran for her help, to all of you fabulous followers for your interest and to whomever it was that decided that a stick with a hook on the end and some wool could be so much fun!!

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  1. That is awesome! I've only just started making a scarf. you're penguin looks a lot more fun. Have fun making the blue bird. ^_^


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