01 November 2011

When in doubt, go back to the beginning...

And back to the beginning I went!

I have always had a love of buttons and it was always my intention to use buttons in some way, shape or form in everything I made. Somewhere along the line I seemed to fall off that path and headed into a craft wilderness where there was nary a button to be seen.

Fortunately for me there have always been button suppliers out there who have tried to lure me back to the straight and narrow (you know who you are). Whether it be on Etsy or MadeIt or whilst attending the odd Craft Fair or two, the siren call of the button has called me back.

And now I'm back for good.

I am looking at my button muse with new eyes and, fortunately for me, MooBeeGran is joining me on this buttony journey.  Between the two of us we plan to bring buttons back into the home in ways that may not always seem obvious, but bring them back we shall!

The first of our buttony goodness is of course in the shape of the humble bookmark:

Next are our new personalised initials:

After that...well I know what I'm doing and it involves hoops, but the rest of you will have to wait just a little bit longer!

Buttons watch out!  I have a hot glue gun and I'm not afraid to use it!!


  1. love what you are doing with buttons, Karen!
    i've loved buttons ever since i was a kid who would endlessly 'play' with my gran's button jars. I liked it best when she was there to tell me stories about the clothes they came from. Best wishes for your new adventures with buttons

  2. Thanks Louise :0) I had a similar experience with my mum and my nanna - I always loved sorting through the buttons whilst they were sewing or knitting. There was just something terribly tactile about them and they all had a story!


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