13 July 2011

Lovely Little Buttons...

As a child there was nothing I liked more than watching my mum sew...or knit... or teak the bookshelves...or garden...or teak the cupboard...or crochet...or teak something that wasn't able to run away... (you get the 1970's vibe going here!).

Well, there was actually one thing I liked more and that was playing with all of the buttons she seemed to have around the place.  Between my mum and my nan we seemed to have a button emporium right in our living room.

There were so many things to do with them:
  • You could count them (always good for the kiddies learning to count)
  • They could be grouped - colour, shape, flatback or shank, four holes or two
  • I remember using them as plates for my dolls
  • They could be flipped - heads or tails
  • You could sew them on things!  Who would have thought!!
There were so many things to do with them, but I mainly just loved them because I new every old button had a story and every new button had a story in the waiting.  Now I have my own collection of buttons and I still sort them into groups (that could have just been an indication of early OCD) depending on how I feel - at the moment it's size for the wooden buttons and colour for the plastic. I still think about the story that each one is going to have when I afix it to something. 

Buttons, you have to love them :0)

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