10 December 2009

I have a Case of the Creative Lazy's!!

Anyone else suffering from the same?

So much is happening at the moment that all of my creative juices seem to be sucked out of me and are being concentrated in other areas - such as "What size Turkey will feed 18 people at Christmas?"

I walk past my sewing room and feel a sense of nostalgia, sigh heavily and think about the good old days (you know, two weeks ago), sitting at the Janome sewing free...

Ah, good times :)

Anyway, when the creative lazy's hit, I like to crawl into my 'Etsy Favourites' and remind myself why I love the smell of the haberdashers and the sound of a sewing machine running.  So in honour of this, here are my favourites (I hope they help snap you out of your own creative lazy!!)

Tell me, what do you do when the Creative Lazy's hit?????


  1. I like to sit back and read a book, or bash out some villians on the ps3. Haha.

    I find that if I don't feel like being creative, doing anything related won't help at all. =)

  2. Too true!!! No use flogging a dead Janome, as they say!


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