16 May 2010

My Day at the Modish Market

I had an absolute blast at the Modish Market last Saturday (08/05) at the Malvern Town Hall.  It was the launch of this new Creators Market and it was a fabulous learning experience as well as an opportunity to explore what type of reaction we were going to get to MooBeeTees.  I was a bit worried that we wouldn't be 'good enough', but it turned out I had nothing to worry about - I even sold a few items!

The Modish Creators Market is the creation of two very talented cousins and crafters - Kylie and Kelly - all of the items are handmade and there is a fabulous cross section of items.  I'm looking forward to being involved in future markets and recommend you pop the dates in your diaries :)

Here are a couple of photos of the market (keep in mind what I lack in photographic ability I make up for in sewing talent!):

Some of the feedback MooBeeGran and I received from customers was great.  MooBeeGran makes a series of little crocheted creatures that we turn into 'bag tags' for kids to put on their school bag.  One of our customers suggested that we make bigger versions of them as they were so cute and would make great soft toys - so MooBeeGran popped her thinking cap on and came up with 'Big Pig':

Big Pig stands around 20cm tall and is as cute as a button - he's holding court on my sewing table here, but I'm sure we can find him a better home.  Keep your eye out for Big Pig in MooBeeTees and I'm sure that he will have some friends to keep hime company soon.  

Big thanks to everyone who helped me get MooBeeTees to our first big market, in particular Craig, Michelle and MooBeeGran. To those of you who stopped by and said hello - thanks :)  I look forward to catching up with you at my next Modish outing :)


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  1. Thanks Karen for the great post. My go I look pregnant, thankfully that will be over this Friday!! Thanks for your support & we look forward to seeing you soon.
    Kylie x


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