04 September 2010

MEGA SALE Now On!!!!!

That's right.  It's a MEGA SALE at MooBeeTees Etsy Shop.  Nearly everything has to go and it's all $10!!

We're changing direction - I'll still be making fabulous dresses for the girls, but I'll have much more choice and create some fabulous accessories to complimate each frock. The real change is that MooBeeGran and I will be concentrating on creating wonderful tactile Sensory Toys for the young (and young at heart!).  Toys that make you want to pick them up and pat them, squeeze them, hug them - and be comforted by them.

MooBeeGran will be concentrating on toys made from yarn and I will be building up the toys made from fabric.  Now I have a fair idea of what we would like to produce, but YOU are my consumer - what do you want to see?

Do you want to see toys shaped liked dinosaurs, flowers and cars - or would you like shapes; squares, circles,etc.

OR - Would you like to see both?

Also do you want clips so you can secure them to a pram?  Perhaps on some covered elastic, so little ones can move them around but not throw them out of their pram or cot (or car seat!)?

We would love your feedback on this?  We're excited and want to be able to incorporate your ideas - tell us what you need/want.

I'll keep you informed as we go along.  It's going to be a very exciting journey!!


  1. Hi Karen, I think the more generic designs, squares, circles, stars etc....My reason is because I think when you make characters no everyone likes them, or should I say you can't please everyone. A generic shape may hit the market on a wider scale, also help in the unisex area. I think pram attachments are an awesome idea, especially if they are detachable, or if you can buy them separately. There you go thats my 5 cents worth. Good luck with your change of direction, & hopefully you will be at Modish in October to launch it. I look forward to seeing it develop. Kylie

  2. Hi Kylie, Thanks for your feedback - that's exactly what I wa hoping for :0) And launching it all at Modish in October is our plan! I'd better get sewing - LOL!!


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