11 October 2010

Baggy Trousers - Monday Madness!!!

I was YouTubing with the Moobee on the weekend and we were reliving my 1980's teenage years. We had a look at all of the 'old' video clips that used to get me so excited on a Sunday night when watching Countdown

One of my favourite bands (When did they become groups? I'm sure they were bands in the 80's!) was Madness.  I loved their music and their look - in particular I loved the absurdity of their video clips - Baggy Trousers was a particular favourite:

I had such a crush on Suggs (lead singer)!!

In honour of my trip down memory lane here's a little bit of Etsy Baggy Trouser madness - enjoy!


Baggy pants trousers dress strapless skirt : lapinsexy

Harem Scare 'Em Jungle Suit : btbvintage

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