30 August 2010

Change is as Good as a Holiday...


Or so they say.

Whilst standing in the middle of our market stall last Saturday MooBeeGran and I had a moment.  None of my tees were selling.  Well, we sold two, but that's not enough to feed the children.

'Aren't they as good as everyone elses?' I asked MooBeeGran.

'Of course they are dear.' she replied.

'Then why isn't anyone buying them?' I asked.

'It's winter.' she said.

'Since when did the season have anything to do with a cashed up mother at a market?' I quickly shot back.

At that point I received the stare of a mother who was not going to answer any more childish questions.  I knew when to stop talking.  But it did make me think.

What could I do differently?

What should I do differently?

What is my point of difference?

Do I offer enough choice?

How do I make myself stand out from the crowd?

As a result of asking these questions there are going to be some changes at MooBeeTees.  We are still going to make beautiful handmade items for children - but - and this is a big but - we are going to streamline our range, give you more choice within it and  do it better than before.


Big words, I hear you say.  True, but I think change is an all important component to any business, fledgling or established. So this is our first important change.  I'll let you know more about it as it happens, but I'm sure you'll all be pleased with the results.  I know MooBeeGran and I will be.


How has it shaped your art/craft?  How do you embrace it?

The first part of our change challenge will be a Mega MoobeeSale...more on this shortly.



  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! You go girl! :-) Jared boy and I are very much with you and can't wait to see what pans out.

  2. I had an epiphany too, while I was cutting raggy quilts out yesterday. Some thing are too much work for what you get for them.
    I know you will do well with your new direction.
    X Kerri

  3. Thanks Miss Shell :0)

    Kerri - Change is tricky isn't it. Sometimes it's forced on you and other times it just sneaks up on you. Either way it involves a lot of deep breaths and crossed fingers.

    An crossed toes...


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