16 August 2010

What comes First - Family or Craft?

Now this might seem a fairly simple, if not odd, question to ask.  Of course, we say, family comes first.  Who could possible answer otherwise.

Hmm.  I'm starting to suspect me.


Am I the only one who finds themselves saying just one more minute as the kids look for homework help?

Am I the only one who quietly fumes when hubby/partner/girlfriend/boyfriend asks what's for tea, assuming that you are the one who is supposed to drop everything (crafty) and go and make it?

Am I the only one who would rather go to jail than go on a family drive - especially when I have a market the following weekend and stock levels are low?

Has my 'hobby' started to mean more to me than my loved ones? 

custom family tree : cozyblue

Does this make me a bad person (I suspect not, but it does add to the drama)?

That's five questions in a row - none of them easily answered.  What do you think?  Do you put off family in order to finish craft?

How sneaky are you in order to do this?

Family or Craft - what do you think????


  1. Oh Karen... I know how you feel... I try and cram everything into Pippin's 2-hour nap but it's just not enough and I get so irritated when I seem to also have to do everything else, and I feel so guilty for being irritated and for not spending enough time with him. I don't know how to answer the dilemma... But you're definitely not alone xoxoxoxo

  2. Good Question & one I would rather not answer as it may incriminate me.
    X Kerri

  3. Tee hee Kerri! I think a lot of us would be in trouble ;)


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