26 March 2011

"I'm Not a Raffle Ticket Seller's Bottom"

Yep.  That's my sad, yet somewhat profound judgement on the hour I spent today trying to sell raffle ticket's at the local shopping mall for my son's Scout Group.

It was awful.

As I am not a uniformed member of the Scout Group, Centre Management did not want me roaming the floor, trying to force shoppers into buying tickets.  I could only smile from behind my 'Community Stand' and hope that this would be enough to entice harried shoppers over to view the delights on offer from winning the Monster raffle.  Heck, I could even give you a bit of information on joining the Scout Group if you were brave enough to approach me.

It was a lonely hour.

Without the ability to approach people as they passed by and con encourage them to take part, it was akin to cutting my tongue out.  I was without my mojo.  I would happily approach shoppers with a cheeky grin and ask them if they would like to win 2nd prize.  "2nd prize", they would ask, "What about first prize?" 

And there it was.  My perfect entry to have a conversation with them about the raffle and how there was of course a 1st prize, and how there chance to win would be increased if they perhaps bought more than one ticket.  Who could say no?

But there I was, not allowed to approach anyone.  Merely a one-sided, 'come hither' look across a crowded shopping centre.  Not really enough to entice anyone over for a second look.

It did, however, give me an opportunity to think about how to encourage people to buy our MooBeeTee's items when we can't approach  them, they can't touch our items (online that is) and they won't potentially ask any questions.  How do I stop them hurrying past our shop pages and take the time to understand how lovely our items are, and the effort we have taken to make them for everyone.

I thought it might be useful to share any hints or tips you might have for your fellow e-shopkeepers.  How do you entice customers to your shop to spend some time with you?  Do you use free shipping?  Do you have freebies? What hint can you share?

(For the record I sold three raffle tickets, all to people who I knew.  I told them I'd cry if they didn't buy something - sound familiar to anyone????) 


  1. hahahha that was quite a fun way to start the conversation at the mall! The things mums do:)

    I'm not sure what are the best hints. I think logically, the best thing to get customers is to go out and find them. Do local markets, promote your product and brand. Email local shops to see if they are interested in stocking your wares. Blog and share your work regularly and enjoy the whole process of being creative. Over time people will enjoy sharing your enthusiasm and will want to purchase one of your creation!

  2. Thanks H - wise words indeed! (Although I still think crying can sometimes help!!)


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