19 March 2011

Look Who's Making Their Debut...

No, it's not MooBee - far too young!  It's MooBeeTee's new Plushies!!

I have been working away on some deisgns and these three are the first to be let loose at The Handmade Show on Sunday (20/03/2011).  Rabbits are always favourites with the kiddies, so they will be available first.  I think monkeys will be will be next.  So here they are - straight from the sewing room:

Nearly all of the plushies will be created flat - that is no bits that can fall off - so they will be suitable for all ages.  I will however be indulging myself and making some Special Edition plushies - the first of these has been inspired by my fabulous friends accross at Voodoo Rabbit (thanks to their fabulous fabrics and love of all things bunny!).  Here's a closer look at my Voodoo inspired Bunny:

I'd love to hear your thoughts on them!  What other animals would you like to see me apply the Moobeetees touch too?


  1. They are great, can't wait to meet the in person tomorrow.

  2. They are divine! Love Love Love!!!


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