25 March 2011

Relay for Life - get involved!!

How about this for an 'almost instant' blog post!!  I have just got back from picking up MooBee from school.  Today was special as all of the children were participating in a pre Relay for Life Walk.  The team walk is Saturday (26/03), but to get all of the kids involved the school oval is used as the walking track and the kids rotate walking all day.

Each child made a daffodil to put around the track in memory of or supporting a friend or family member who has cancer.  MooBee popped a message to her Grandad on it - he suffers from Skin Cancer and she is always concerned when she sees he has a 'sore head' from spots being removed.

The children were also asked to wear yellow - they looked very bright and beautiful on what has been a very grey day.  When I arrived the walk was finishing up, but MooBee ran over and asked me to walk the last few laps with her.  She put her little hand in mine and said, "Come on mum let's walk for a cancer cure'.  Bless.

In the end the children raised $800.00 to contribute to their school team's total.  

If you would like to help Beaumaris North Primary School raise some more funds, please click here to donate.

This is only the second time the children have been involved - I think next year I'll take a leaf out of their book and take part in the big walk.  You never know how it might help :0)

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