27 March 2010

Crafty Formula 1

It's the Melbourne Formula 1 Grand prix and you would have to be living under a rock to not know it was on! Car fanatics everywhere, pictures of Michael Schumacher everywhere - and what was Kit Willow thinking of when she designed the Grid Girls outfits??  Not that I'm a big fan of skimpy lycra, but I'd have expected something a bit more colourful at least.  Oh well - it's a change I guess.

One thing I have noticed is the numer of clever crafty items that have been created around the Formula 1 theme.  So in honour of this here are my podium contenders:



What other F1 craft items have you found?  Maybe you have some of your own? Post links here if you'd like to share :)

Happy Racing!  

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  1. Those nesting dolls are so cool Karen! Great finds :)


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