04 March 2010

Next Boys Line Theme - Quick Survey

I'm starting to think about my next clothing line and I'd like it to be for boys.  If you have a little boy in your life can you help me decide by answering my quick survey (see above)?  I'd really appreciate your help.  

(My 'little' boy is nearly 13 and he's not up with what is hip for the 6 and unders!)

Many thanks :)


  1. Personalised dinosaurs are always fun e.g. Justinosaurus !

  2. I voted for dinosaurs... but that's just because they're my husband's (and mine) favourite decoration for Pippin's clothes... fortunately he is too small to have a say yet, ha!

  3. Defintely my little man is into monsters, robot. Actually thats what I am into.

  4. Decisions, decisions! I want to do them all - I just have to pick one to start off with :)


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