10 March 2010

MooBeeView #7: Jewellery By Ange - plus Bonus Discount!

March is my favourite month and in honour of this I have chosen one of my favourite Dusters to MooBeeView - Angelene!  Angelene has accepted the challenge of the Fabulous Four Questions and has provided us with a little insight into her life of hamering and creativity.  

Enjoy your time with Ange and you just might find a little bonus at the end of the MooBeeView (just for you!).

1) Now I see from your etsy profile that you are a multi-talented artist with a long suffering boyfriend due to your vast collection/stash of jewelery 'bits and pieces'. So just between you and me, what is the one 'cheeky' item that you had to have for your creations, but have then had to hide under the stash for fear of having to explain it's presence. (It's alright I won't tell anyone - I've done it myself with ridiculous amounts of fabric!)
My greatest crafting sin is having a tendency to buy things in bulk because I can "make soooo many things out of xyz"... and then of course I see the next thing I want, and I'd better get a bunch of it because I can make "sooooo many things out of xyz"... and so on. Its a vicious circle!!!

2) I know that inspiration for designs comes from many different places and in many different ways. Your pieces all seem to have a very organic and natural feel to them (no straight lines that I can see) - how do you know when a piece is finished? Do you have it planned from the start, or is it when your fingers tell you to stop?
Usually I have an idea about a piece, but sometimes a design that worked perfectly on paper or in my head just does not work in reality! In those cases you just have to adapt the design and go with the flow...

I do have a preference for sensual curves - they just look nice....but I do also like to mix it up with some hard hammered angles!

3) 'Hammering' seems to play an important part in the creation of your jewellery - what do you think this tells us about your creative style? (Apart from potential destructive tendancies - I don't think I'd ever complain about too much stuff in your lounge room!)
LOL! Yes, sometimes some hammering is just cathartic. Great after a hard frustrating day in the office! No, in all seriousness, hammering is quite delicate. You need to be able to hammer in a smooth and even fashion, to get a nice flat result and so there aren't dents left in the metal. It takes more control than you think.

4) As always the mandatory 'celebrity' question. If you had the opportunity to jewel an American, European or Australian celeb a)which region would you choose, b)what celeb would you pick, c) which of your pieces would you adorn them with and d)at what event would you want them to appear wearing it?
I think Kate Hudson has a great sense of style. I could see her wearing my piece "le cirque" with a plunging black maxi dress and loose hair. I think this look would work at an A-list party, or maybe with more formal hair on the red carpet!


I'd like to thank Ange for taking the time to answer my questions and letting us in to her beautiful world.  If you want to learn more about Ange and Jewellery by Ange please visit her at one of her online sites:

MooBeeTee's Four Word Review:  Gorgeous! Must have Jewels!



And now for your Bonus!!  Ange has offered my blog readers a  discount of 10% storewide for mentioning MooBeeTees Blog :) 

All you need to do is mention this MooBeeView and use the code 10PCMOOBEE.

Happy Shopping!!

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  1. I'm lucky enough to own a piece of Ange Jewellery, great interview


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