03 January 2010

Brown Owls Crafting Chapter - Now in Oakleigh!

The lovely Celeste of Little Waltz has been on the hunt for craft clubs and the like - and unless she has been incredibly blind, has not been able to find a general craft club that welcomes all ages and all experience level of crafters.

That's why Celeste has decided to pick up the challenge, and start up a chapter of Brown Owls in Oakleigh, Victoria.

What is Brown Owls?

Brown Owls is a craft-a-long club for chatting and teaching each other and just having fun together! It's for beginner level and experienced crafters, and everyone has a happy time making and talking about craft and also having a good laugh too!

There are other chapters around Melbourne and Australia, with some Brown Owls overseas as well! You can view all available chapters on the Brown Owls member blog. 

This is a call out to all crafters in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

And this is where you come in:

Oakleigh Brown Owls Meet and Greet 2010

Where: Oakleigh RSL Dining hall (95-97 Drummond St)
When: 9th January 2010 ( From 2 pm onwards)
Bring: A few dollars for a cuppa and a handheld craft to work on while we chat!

Please RSVP to Celeste by  8th of January 2010 at the very latest!
You can RSVP by leaving a comment on on the Little Waltz blog.

And remember, if you are stuck for ideas,
let Celeste know with your RSVP so she may prepare some craft kits for you.

See you there!

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