15 January 2010

New Listings - LITTLE BIRD Line

I seem to preoccupied with little birds at the moment - I think they are very sweet and suit a range of ages.  At the moment I have a tee, a bodysuit and a dress in the line, but I'm aiming for a few other bits to be added - indeed I'm working on a boy bird - why should the boys miss out!!

This is the inspiration for LITTLE BIRD:

All of my bodysuits are made from an approved organic cotton and are lovely and soft to touch (and very cute when accessorised by a bird!):
The girls puff sleeved tee's come in a variety of colours, so if you like the design but are nervous of white, let me know and we can change the colour for you:

Number three for today is the LITTLE BIRD dress.  Using a fabulous WholeGrainBaby pattern, I have created a lovely little cap sleeved denim dress for the girls.  It too features a little bird appliqued on to the front.

So come and visit my new listings at MooBeeTees and let me know what you think of the LITTLE BIRD :)

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