31 January 2010

My Intended Doodle/Design for Janil...

I say intended, because I'm lousy at drawing and whilst I can see the design in my head it is not until I start working with the fabric that it really takes shape.  Which means of course it's bound to change!! 

That being said, drawing/doodling something helps me remember what I want to do! So here are my doodles leading up to the 'intended' design...

Doodle 1: Could I use flowers to create a village?

Doodle 2: Need to do better than the previous doodle, perhaps include woodland type flora...
Final Doodle: Now this is more like it.  I wonder how close the finished tee will  be to this doodle?
So that is a little walk through my thought process for this special one off tee! I can't wait to send it to it's new home (Spain!  How fabulous is that!!) and share the final design with you all :)

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