29 January 2010

Fabulous Friday Favourites

We're back from the beach and getting ourselves ready to return the children to school.  Crafting has been put aside for the moment and labelling books and uniforms has taken over!!  Nothing like being organised!

As a result I'd like to share some of my fabulous favourites with you.  Don't you just love looking at items you've marked to buy - some day!  I've dipped into my favourites and bought out a couple to delight you with.  Perhaps they will become your favourites to :)

Be inspired, have a cuppa, go shopping and enjoy...





  1. I love that Rainbow swings print - I bought it a couple of weeks ago. It's amazing!

  2. The print is amazing - reminds me of a seaside carnival from childhood!

  3. Thank you for featuring me! And Mel, I am glad you like it! I love the Little Mo paper doll set!


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